Martech Interview with Lynn Tornabene on Data Strategy


Lynn highlights in an Martech interview on data strategy about how marketing techniques have evolved and how crucial it is to have a comprehensive data strategy to make informed marketing decisions. An insights-informed approach is the only way to determine what’s best for your company. Looking at the buying journey as a rigid, straight-line process we (think we) control to a more flexible one. Practices such as using intent data, machine learning and AI, triggered marketing, and data-driven orchestration across channels are now powering brand and demand programs.


Working with a client to create a new strategic approach to reseller marketing using intent data. Our research shows that companies with a data-driven marketing approach perform significantly better than their peers. We found that the marketers with a comprehensive data strategy are twice as likely to grow 20% or more and 3.6 times more likely to report excellence in deriving actionable insight from data. They wanted to lean into digital channels to create a “marketing-first” program that could generate more and better quality leads.


In marketing, Data analytics is like breathing; it’s essential to survival. Without analytics, marketing is just a cost center. With good analytics, marketing is a revenue engine. Note that I said analytics, not reporting – reporting is required but not sufficient. And that modifier “good” is also important — if your analysis is based on opaque, inaccurate, or outdated data, you won’t have the insights needed to make good decisions.


About Lynn Tornabene- Lynn Tornabene, Chief Marketing Officer, Anteriad. Lynn is an accomplished business leader who has led and implemented successful brand transformations, launched market-leading products, and built and developed high-performing marketing and research teams.


About Anteriad - Anteriad powers B2B with the industry’s leading data: purpose built, highly-trusted, compliant, campaign ready and with global reach. Providing B2B marketing leaders with depth and scale as well as hyper granularity.


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