The greatest social media ad network platform for advertisers will be discussed in this article. Why are platforms for ad networks important to advertisers? Why do we require a platform for social media advertising? plus more. Ad networks are a type of advertising technology, and the market for exchanging digital media is currently dominated by the use of ad words. The majority of advertisers who go to that level offer space for sale, seek out ad networks to snag their buyers and do much more. It acts as a liaison between periodicals and advertisers. Let's learn more about these social media advertising networks and how they function.

Table of Content:

·         What is the purpose of a Social Media ad network?
·         Why do we need an ad network?
·         Ad network with the best GEO Targeting
·         The ultimate ranking of the top Social Media ad networks today
·         Conclusion

What is the purpose of a Social Media Ad Network?

One of the affiliate marketing niches that never stop attracting attention is social media, which has the potential to generate large profits for publishers. Social media ad networks are appropriate for people with large and rapidly expanding social media followings or for other online platforms like YouTube.

They enable you to create revenue streams that don't require a lot of time and effort to receive profits whenever a blog or other online-catching content is accessible.

Ad networks operate to advertise and expand your expanding business, and as a result, the publisher also benefits greatly in terms of money. Informing the public about your services and promotions is quite simple and effective.


In today's time, many popular network platforms are working to take your growing business to a new height and success. Some of these popular Social Media ad networks are given below:-

  • 7search PPC
  • Adsterra
  • Adpushup
  • Rich Ads

Social Media ad networks are the most excellent and most effective way to present your Social Media apps and websites to people.


Why do we need an Ad Network?

Imagine that you have created a website or app that offers a lot of services to people, but you are unsure of how to get the word out about it. This is when ad network platforms come in to provide you with full support. Through adverts on other active websites and apps, they bring users to your websites and apps.

You may quickly grow and reach the pinnacle of your business with the aid of add network platforms. When people learn about your website or your brilliant ideas and their access to facilities rises more quickly than gradually, your business will also expand quickly, demonstrating the effectiveness of your efforts in every manner.


Many ad networks also offer pay-per-click (PPC), where the publisher is compensated for each time a customer clicks on your advertisement, by displaying your website on active websites. One of the best and quickest ways to use the add network to grow your business is the pay-per-click strategy.


 Ad Network with the best Geo-Targeting:

To target consumers from a specific area, nation, or state, we need the finest ad network with the greatest geo-targeting. Your content will rank higher geographically the better the Geo-targeting on the ad network platform.


The ultimate ranking of the top Social Media Ad Networks today:

Currently, a few names stand out among the top Social Media ad networks, and all of the names below are featured in that list. Let's begin by telling you about each one separately.

- 7search PPC

- Bidvertiser

- Adcash

- Propeller ads

- Adsterra


7search PPC

One of the most user-friendly ad network systems available today is 7search PPC. Additionally, they welcome the search categories that Google and other well-known search engines do not allow, such as Social Media, adult gaming, poker, etc. These distinctive 7search PPC services are useful for social media-connected publishers and advertisers.

7search PPC is among the top players in the online social media market. This advertising platform's well-behaved and proactive workforce, which is constantly on hand to ensure a user-friendly experience and hassle-free services for its publishers and advertisers, deserves all the credit for its success.

Their customer service representatives are also very helpful and simple to reach.



 An advertising platform called BidVertioser awards advertising points to its publishers based on the effectiveness of the ad conversion. Then, when submitting their bids, advertisers utilise these ad points to rate the publisher's website. They provide a high level of transparency regarding the sources of their traffic, together with exceptional and deserving security that shields you from bot traffic, click farms, malware, and viruses.


With their cutting-edge internal optimization technology and over 15 years of ad tech experience, they provide your company with effective digital advertising tools. They make a good Geo-targeting advertising platform as well.

Propeller Ads:

Publishers will love this advertising platform because there is no minimum traffic requirement. With just a few visitors, they begin generating revenue from their publisher's website. They have a responsive team and a very secure ad network.


Adsterra offers distinct sections for every marketing and media category. It is a very user-friendly platform with cutting-edge tools and technologies.



You must sign up with 7search PPC if you want to rank your social media site reasonably. It accelerates the growth of your company, is incredibly user-friendly, and its helpful customer care service makes your job simpler.