If you’re a business owner who needs signage, you might have already come to know how dimensional letter signs can make your brand message stand out amongst the rest. If not, Indy Sign Factory wants you to understand how this dynamic style of signage can transform your brand image.

What are Dimensional Letter Signs?

dimensional letter sign is comprised of three-dimensional letters cast or cut from a solid sheet of signage material. Despite its name, dimensional letter signs can also include three-dimensional logos and numbers.

Sure, three-dimension sounds cool, but what makes them so much better than a regular two-dimensional sign? Glad you asked, friend! Glad you asked.

Benefits Of Dimensional Letter Signs

  • Increased Visibility

You will gain better visibility from a three-dimensional sign than two-dimensional signage that sits flat against the building it is affixed to. The added depth that dimensional letter signs create makes your signage more eye-catching to motorists and passersby.

  • Professional Look

Dimensional letter signs create a clean, sophisticated look that elevates your brand and how people view your business. Make an excellent first impression on potential clients or customers with an impressive dimensional letter sign.

  • Versatile

Dimensional letter signs can be made from various materials, and the customization options are endless. Any shape, size, color, and style that will make an excellent first impression and keep your signage cohesive with your brand messaging can be done.

  • Can be Illuminated

With the option of having your dimensional letter signs backlit or face lit, you can increase your business’s visibility. Especially when it comes to rainy, foggy, or snowy days.

What Materials Do Dimensional Letter Signs Come In?

  1. Acrylic

Lightweight and durable, acrylic dimensional letter signs can be made from any design and can be used indoors or outdoors.

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum signs can be cast from molton aluminum or cut from a single sheet. They are durable, cost-effective, and highly customizable.

  1. Brass

For a classic, professional look, brass dimensional letters are cut and finished with a polished or brushed satin finish.

  1. Bronze

For a more traditional look, dimensional letters can be cut from polished, brushed, or oxodized bronze.

  1. Copper

Three-dimensional cut copper lettering is durable enough to withstand the elements, making it ideal for outdoor signage. Additionally, it can come with brushed or polished finishing.

  1. Stainless Steel

Affordable, durable, and equipped with superior corrosion protection, dimensional letters can be cut from stainless steel and have a brushed, mirror polished, or orbital finish.

  1. Formed Plastic

Plastic gets injected into a mold to create these cost-effective and durable three-dimensional letters, numbers, and logos.

  1. Rusted Steel

Letters cut from Corten steel will develop a natural patina over time once exposed to the elements giving these signs a distinctive and aged look.

There are virtually no limits when designing your custom dimensional letter signs, and the experts at Indy Sign Factory are there to help. We are Indianapolis’ one-stop-shop for this and all your signage needs, from the design process to manufacturing and installation. Contact us to request your consultation today!