When professionally designed, indoor business signs are an investment, not an expense—and they can generate quite a hefty return. Today’s post explains a few ways that indoor business signs drive sales for businesses in St. Louis, MO.

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Indoor Business Signs Inform In-Store Audiences To Drive Sales

report by the Sign Research Foundation highlights the economic value of indoor business signs for businesses in St. Louis, noting their role as “silent salespeople.” Researchers found that 60% of businesses reported average sales increases of 10% or more by adding a single indoor business sign or updating their existing signage.

More often than not, these sales boosts resulted from consumers’ increased awareness of in-store promotions, new products, and value propositions.

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Indoor Business Signs Boost Brand Authority In St. Louis, MO

Building brand awareness and authority can accelerate and increase sales for any business, both by fostering better engagement with marketing materials (i.e. keeping your brand on the consumers’ “radar”) and helping you retain a loyal customer base. This in turn can help you reduce your overall advertising costs, driving down the amount you need to pay to reach potential buyers using other marketing mediums.

To build authority and awareness in this way, there are few better options than the humble indoor business sign. Research bears that out. In one study published by the Sign Research Foundation, surveys of 100,000 shoppers revealed that more than one-third of all consumers (34.5%) regularly make quality assumptions about a brand on the basis of indoor business signs. So if your indoor business signs are subpar, so too is your brand image! This echoes findings from a 2016 report by the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding (PDF download) in which researchers studied the way indoor business signs “serve as inferential cues and basis for thin-slice judgements about the businesses they represent” (p. 1).

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