When it comes down to energy research & development most western nations expenses are usually allocated to nuclear power, that's just not beneficial given that nuclear power leads to very similar issues as fossil fuels do.

Right now there needs be more of a emphasis on renewable energy development simply because it is only approach to take if we wish to live in an environment that isn't ruled by pollution & greenhouse gases.

The research and development costs for nuclear power could have been spent on discovering a solution in relation to alternative energy. If this was done the cost of renewable energy technologies could be considerably lower than it is today. trade carbon credits It would be competitive within the global energy market without having the subsidies & incentives required presently to drive renewable power development off the ground.

Many companies have began investing in this exciting energy development and it's seen as a necessary choice for the 21st century. Renewable energy is certainly a growing market and a lot of big investors now want to a piece of the pie & to be seen helping the environment at the same time.

Major investors including Richard Branson are investing in order for researchers to find energy resources that can help the world stop it's dependency on non-renewable fuels. Influential businesses also have invested in renewable energy wishing to bring about change, including Google, Wal-Mart, & GE. Google has actually invested in a 1.6 MW PV system at their head office which offsets about 30% of the buildings typical electricity usage.

You'll be able to play your part in this development simply by doing all it is possible to incorporate renewable energy systems in your homes. You may simply choose to look at using outdoor solar lights rather than electrical or gas lights, set-up solar hot water system in your house, speak to your energy provider to understand ways to reduce your fossil fuel use or by installing practical systems which use renewable energy.

The solutions are already here, it's only the electric companies that don't want you to know these facts simply because then their multi billion dollar companies are going to be making a huge loss.

You should not accept that renewable energy is simply a passing fad, it's a genuine solution to problems we will all have to face. You can do your bit to help solve the energy problem & reduce your energy bills at the same time by understanding and utilizing renewable energy in your home today.