World of Warcraft players are excitedly anticipating the new Dragonflight expansion and the pre-patch that is said to bring with it some major changes to the game. Dragonflight's release date was revealed in a trailer which also gave fans a look at the new Dracthyr race, which Blizzard has recently confirmed will become playable at the time of WoW: Dragonflight's pre-patch. The sooner you know this information, the more WOW Classic Gold you can earn later.

Dragonflight will be the ninth expansion for World of Warcraft and is currently in beta on the Public Test Realm (PTR). Now that the launch date of November 28 has been announced, many fans are eager to see what is going to be in the pre-patch. Blizzard's WoW pre-patches are often as exhilarating as the launches themselves thanks to many of the new mechanics and features that are made available at that time.

What is Coming in Dragonflight Pre-Patch Phase 1?

Starting October 25, all classes will gain access to the reworked talent trees and the new User Interface. Tier Sets will be deactivated when the update goes live, and more.

New Talent System — Explore the brand new class and specialization trees and create your own talent builds!

Class Changes — All classes received major updates in addition to the new talent trees.

User Interface Updates — The User Interface has been vastly improved allowing you to customize many elements with the new Edit Mode.

Eternity's End Class Tier Sets Now Legacy Gear — Patch 9.2 Tier Sets will become Legacy Gear and the set bonuses will no longer work.

Fated Raids and Group Loot — All 3 Shadowlands raids will be permanently Fated until Dragonflight launches with Group Loot replacing Personal Loot as the only loot option in raids.

New Race and Class Combinations — Rogues, Priests, and Mages will be available to all races to create and play.

Rated Solo Shuffle — A rated version of the Shadowlands Solo Shuffle Brawl is coming!

Quick facts on WoW: Dragonflight

Level cap: 70

New playable race: Dracthyr, which are Dragons, obviously

New mounts: Also dragons

New zones: Four new zones, one new starter zone

System overhauls: HUD rework, new talent system, professions updates

Group content: Eight new dungeons and a new raid

New race/class combinations

That is all of the major features coming to the Burning Crusade World of Warcraft Dragonflight pre-patch on October 25th and on November 15th, two very important dates to remember. Everything we know so far about the Dragonflight pre-patch event called Primal Storms, including the types of rewards players can get for participating, the release date, and more. Click IGV to konw more details, you also can Buy WOW Gold Classic from us.