The anime is based on the seven deadly sins. The story revolves around the aftermath of the king's death and the struggle for power between the seven provinces. The main protagonist, Meliodas, is a young man with a very strong sense of justice. He and his friends, Elizabeth and Hawk, travel from kingdom to kingdom in order to stop the conflict. The anime has great action scenes and beautiful artwork. seven deadly sins anime

Seven Deadly Sins is an anime that follows the story of Meliodas and his companions as they travel the land in search of the seven deadly sins. The sins were once an order of knights known as the Holy Knights, but they disbanded after they were accused of treason. Meliodas is a former member of the Holy Knights who was falsely accused of killing his father and sister.

He was able to prove his innocence, but he was banned from the kingdom. The anime follows Meliodas and his friends as they travel from place to place and take on different jobs in order to make money so that they can find the seven deadly sins. Along their journey, they encounter many different people and creatures who challenge them or offer them help.