Indian Army Major develops world's first bulletproof helmet against AK-47 bullets

An Indian Army Major who had developed a bulletproof jacket for protection against sniper bullets, has now developed a helmet which is claimed to be first such in the world that can stop an AK-47 bullet round from a distance of 10 meters.To get more news about bulletproof zone, you can visit official website.

"The ballistic helmet has been developed under project Abhedya by Major Anoop Mishra who has also developed a full-body protection bulletproof jacket which can withstand even sniper rifles," Army officials told ANI.
The officer is part of the Indian Army's College of Military Engineering and had got into the development of bulletproof jackets after he had received gunshots on his vintage bulletproof jacket.

Besides this, Indian Army's College of Military Engineering jointly with a private firm has developed India's first and world's cheapest gunshot locator. It can locate the exact location of the bullet from distance of 400 meters which will help to locate and neutralise terrorists faster.

"During 2016-17, 50,000 bulletproof jackets had been procured for Indian Army through Revenue route. The Contract for procurement of 1,86,138 BPJs through Capital route, under Buy (Indian) category, has been concluded in April 2018. Further, a contract for procurement of 1,58,279 Ballistic Helmet through Capital route had been concluded in December 2016," the then Minister of State for Defence, Subhash Bhamre had informed Lok Sabha in a written reply in July 2018.


The College of Military Engineering (CME) at Pune, a premier tactical & Technical training institution is the alma mater of the Corps of Engineers. CME is responsible for training of personnel of the Corps of Engineers besides imparting instructions in Combat Engineering, CBRN Protection, Works Services and GIS matters to the personnel of All Arms & Services.