The Best Pop Up Wallets

Also known as Slide Wallets or Ejector Wallets, Pop Up Wallets are a fairly new innovation in the world of men’s wallets. They use a base metal device that enables you to easily store and access your credit/debit cards at a push of a button. Cards not only slide out with ease but are perfectly and evenly distributed so you can easily see each individual card and choose the one you want accordingly. This is the only type of wallet on the market that provides such an innovative and simple way to access your cards.Get more news about Rfid Pop Up Wallet,you can vist our website!

Back in early 2020 we ran a poll on our social media and found pop-up wallets to be one of the most popular and satisfying ways to access cards voted by our community. Due to the popularity of pop up wallets, we’ve seen a huge influx of these wallets enter the market. Today, we’re going to be reviewing some of the most popular pop-up wallets on the market, give our own opinion on each, and hopefully provide some insights on the best available today. If you want to view the full range of Ejector Wallets check out our ‘reviews’ page here.
Slide Wallets, like most wallets, have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. When deciding on whether you want a slide wallet people consider the following points below and see if they fit with what you want from your wallet. Remember, not every wallet is created equal, and understanding, if this type of wallet is right for you, is a major part of purchasing a new wallet. For more help, check out our full article explaining ’what to look for in a wallet’.

Slide Wallet Advantages…
Slide Mechanism – One of the most satisfying ways to store and access your credit/debit cards. With a few exceptions, most ejector wallets can store up to 4 – 6 cards (depending on if the cards are embossed or not) and plenty of cash.
Packed with Features – While capitalizing on the amazing ejector functionality, many slide wallets come with a whole other host of amazing functionality including money-clips, pull tabs, and even smart features like GPS Tracking.
Design Variations – Range of brilliant and attractive designs to choose from. Many Pop Up Wallet brands offer the largest array of personalization options available.
Slide Wallet Disadvantages…
Size – Slide wallets are larger than many typical wallets. This is because the slide mechanism is quite bulky and can’t be slimline making it larger in both height and width. The weight of the wallet is also typically higher than most thanks to the metal.
Price Tag – Because of the intricate designs of the ejector wallets, they tend to be higher in price than many wallets on the market. Every wallet on this list starts at a price tag of around $40.00 and ranges to a high of $100.00+.
Durability – This won’t be the same for all ejector wallets, but typically I found they have a smaller lifespan than other simpler wallets. This is probably down to the durability of the ejector mechanism that over time can break.