Terminal and Junction Boxes (Ex d)

In order to protect signal and power distribution networks from harsh environmental conditions and explosion hazards, various types of flameproof terminal boxes and junction boxes are available.Get more news about Terminal Box Explosion Proof,you can vist our website!

Several enclosure variants and material options as well as customized configuration with terminal and cable gland types allow adaption to any application requirements.

Suitable ingress protection and ambient temperature ranges as well as rugged enclosure materials such as copper-free aluminum and stainless steel ensure long-term durability and safe operation.
Compact in size, Crouse-Hinds series GUP explosionproof junction boxes are used in threaded rigid conduit systems in hazardous areas to function as a junction or pull box. They are ideal where space is limited, such as in gasoline pumps.
In addition to restricting the passage of gases, vapors or flames from one portion of the electrical installation to another, Crouse-Hinds series EYD and EZD drain sealing fittings prevent accumulation of condensate above the seal. They are installed in vertical conduit runs and at low points in conduit systems.

Design features
Compact in design – ideal for applications where space is limited
Supplied with a variety of hubs for installation flexibility (six hubs and three plugs or 10 hubs and seven plugs)
Cover sealed with standard o-ring gasket, providing a raintight enclosure