Waffle game is a daily word game where every player gets the same grid of "green," "yellow," and "gray" letters on a certain date. Every day, the grid is changed, so there is always a new challenge (as indicated by the timer that pops up at the end of each challenge).

There are six five-letter words hidden on a Waffle grid. On the grid, all of the letters are jumbled up, but there is some idea of how they are arranged in the rows and columns. To move forward in the game, you have to move the wrong letters around until they are in the right place.

The catch is that there is a limit on how many chances you can take. Only 15 swaps are available to you, so if you don't choose your moves carefully, you're more likely to fail horribly. It's great that you can switch between rows and columns at any time in the game. So, the most important thing is how well you can plan your moves. You also need a whole different set of skills to do well at Waffle than you do at Wordle.

On both Waffle and Wordle, each color means the same thing. If a possible letter is already covered by a green tile when the game starts or if it turns green after players switch places. It means that it is where it needs to be. Once the system knows what the green letters are, it locks them in place on the tile. The yellow tiles show that the letters in a row or column are only partly right.