Himiway Cruiser Review

I have to say that I’ve had my eyes on this e-bike for a long time. And now I can easily admit: Himiway Cruiser is the better version of Radpower and I mean it.To get more news about himiway bike, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

I truly loved the aesthetics of this e-bike and features it offers. It has a fairly powerful motor (not the best one though), a battery with large capacity (maybe the best in this class) and many other great features such as high end LCD display.

Now let’s check it in more detail.

Himiway is using a Chinese brand in motor, Luanxing, which is rated at 750W. Now although I love numerous things about Himiway, I can’t say that the motor is one of them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad motor, but it fails to impress me either. I’ve reached 23 mph when I bypassed the speed limit on this e-bike on throttle only. The top speed of Himiway Cruiser on pedal assist is around 26 mph which is still faster than Radpower but we know that now Aventon has developed e-bikes which are faster than this one.
The e-bike is connected to a 48V25A controller, so this e-bike is able to provide 1200W power though I know the motor is limited at 1000W peak power output for safety reasons. You appreciate the 25A controller when you need to haul heavy objects or climb hills.

The motor works smoothly and doesn’t make much noise, but again I have to tell you that I would really appreciate more torque or power.

Himiway Cruiser makes use of a twist throttle, so those of you who doesn’t like thumb throttle will appreciate it. It also has 5 pedal assist levels and you can adjust the level of motor support level easily from the display. I personally think pedal assist 3 is a sweet setup where you still can put effort enough to make exercise but feel the support form motor.

The motor is claimed to offer 80Nm torque but I feel that it can provide max 50Nm. Not only for Himiway, I advise you to approach all e-bike motors with pinch of suspension.

Now this is where Himiway shines big time with its 48V17.5Ah Samsung battery pack. Considering similar e-bikes at this price point offers 48V14Ah battery pack such as Aventon or Radpower, I am delighted to see such battery capacity on this e-bike.Besides the longer range it provides, having larger battery lets you ride your e-bike for longer as the cells have less stress on them. The battery pack isn’t integrated like Aventon but I don’t mind as it lets you have a larger battery capacity and it doesn’t stand out like Juiced CrossCurrent or Radrover as it has a smooth integration to frame.

On throttle, you can make around 40 miles on this e-bike easily. If you want to ride for a longer range, you need to depend on pedal assist. As you may know the range of the range depends on many factors including the number of stops you make, terrain you’re riding on, weight of rider and wind direction. So you make your own due diligence when buying an e-bike. For example, someone living in San Francisco would have a smaller range compared to someone living in Tampa.
Fork is a Chinese one, branded Uding. It isn’t a bad one but isn’t as good as RST or Suntour fork. It comes with a lockout and compression adjustment. It has a 100 mm of travel so you can expect to have a comfortable ride on less-than-perfect road conditions. Besides, you can have off-road experience with this e-bike too.

Himiway Cruiser doesn’t have rear suspension or suspension seat post, but frankly speaking I don’t expect to have one on such priced e-bike. You can always buy a suspension seat post if you want to make your ride even more comfortable. Just pay attention to buy a 30.4 mm suspension seat post.

Himiway Cruiser comes with a fairly large headlight which has good lumination, and the rear light is bright enough to let you be seen by others. Unfortunately, rear light is an independent one so you need to manually turn it on and off -and it doesn’t have brake function.

Besides, the e-bike also comes with side reflective walls on tires. So during nightrides you will definitely be seen by others. I know that these are small details, but I appreciate them having on my e-bike.

Unfortunately, I can’t say I am that impressed by the brakes, since they have mechanical brakes same as Radrover. Mechanical brakes are cheaper but more difficult to operate and don’t have the stopping power that hydraulic brakes are offering.
Himiway Cruiser features Shimano Altus 7 speed drive train with a 46 tooth chainring. Unfortunately, the cassette has only 14-28 tooth so it offers limited gear ratio. But shifting gears is very smooth as Altus is the upgraded version of Tourney, while many entry level e-bikes come with tourney to save cost. The shifter is an index thumb shifter which is very common to see in these e-bikes since they save space on the handlebar and are very reliable. It also has a derailleur protector so you don’t need to worry about damaging your derailleur if your e-bike falls down.