Structural Glazing Tape Fundamentals

Designed for strong and immediate bonding, structural glazing tape is a cost-effective alternative to wet glazing and mechanical fasteners. Structural glazing tapes are primarily used to bond windows and architectural panels into metal frames, eliminating the need for fasteners. Structural glazing tape is designed to be extremely durable, long-lasting, and easy to install.To get more news about Glazing Tape, you can visit official website.

Faster and Easier Application by Structural Glazing Tape
Structural glazing tape is a specialized, double-sided acrylic tape that is affixed and bonds to both surfaces. Rather than having to mix, pump and apply conventional wet glazing or adhere mechanical fasteners, fabricators can simply apply the tape directly to the surfaces and complete the assembly. The use of structural glazing tape speeds the assembly process by establishing immediate bonds with no drying or fixturing required. Once the tape has been applied, the surfaces can be immediately handled, thereby also reducing the bottlenecks often associated with wet glazing.

Saving Money through Structural Glazing Tape
As noted, a simpler installation process costs less in terms of labor hours. But that’s not all. Structural glazing tape is also more affordable in terms of capital expenditures. When it comes to other methods such as wet glazing and mechanical fasteners, specialized equipment is needed. Wet glazing often requires expensive pumps, which come with purchase costs, maintenance costs, and repair fees.

Structural glazing tape does not require any expensive application tools, especially those with moving parts that can be difficult and expensive to maintain. In terms of total applied cost, structural glazing tape is far more affordable than mechanical fasteners and other similar options.
Structural glazing tape has been shown to be extremely durable. It is UV resistant, performs over a wide temperature range, and resists environmental conditions over long periods of time. Both the tensile strength and dynamic shear strength of structural glazing tape is significant, with the ability to withstand temperatures up to 300 Fahrenheit short-term and 200 Fahrenheit long-term. Long term warranties are available with structural glazing tape with proper testing and certification prior to assembly.

When properly installed and applied, structural glazing tape has many advantages over more traditional methods of glazing and bonding. Structural glazing tape can be used to rapidly secure glass and other architectural panel materials directly to frames, and canopy systems. Unlike liquid adhesives, wet glazing, or mechanical fasteners, no special equipment is necessary. In terms of cost and labor, structural glazing tape can be seen as superior to other methods.

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