The story of toilet bound Hanako kun is a heartwarming and humorous tale of a young girl who, due to an accident as a child, has been confined to using a wheelchair and is unable to use the toilet like everyone else. As she grows older, Hanako kun becomes more and more frustrated with her situation, feeling that she is missing out on life. Her only escape is reading manga and watching anime, which help her forget her troubles for a while. toilet bound Hanako kun

One day, Hanako kun comes across a manga about 4 high school girls who are also in wheelchairs. The girls have all found ways to make the most of their lives and each other's company, which inspires Hanako kun to do the same. She starts by making friends with the other kids at school who are confined to wheelchairs like her, and eventually begins participating in extracurricular activities such as playing the violin in the school orchestra.

Through her friends and new-found passions, Hanako kun gradually comes to accept her situation and learns to live life to the fullest despite her limitations.

Hanako-kun is a manga series written and illustrated by Rin Mikami. The series follows the life of Hanako, a toilet bound spirit, and her friends at school. Along with her human friends, Takumi and Hisao, Hanako also has a group of animal friends that she hangs out with including Tora, a tiger; Risu, a red squirrel; and Kuma, a black bear. Each chapter of the manga focuses on different adventures that the group goes on together as they explore their school and the world around them.