Spiritual enlightenment is not something that comes as an epiphany to people. People with a heightened sense of spirituality do not simply just wake up one day and see the world more clearly. It is a process that needs time and is a journey that needs to be ventured on by the person themselves. This is not something that can be done in a day or two. It takes months and years of consistent practice to fulfill.

 However, there are a few things that can help you get started on this journey. If you are willing to find your inner spiritual being, then going forward with a few things in mind will help. The first step is already done and think of reading this as finding the road that leads to a better self.


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Reading can take you to many places, and taking a good spiritual book will help you on this journey more than anything. An excellent recommendation would be The Key: Unlocking The Mystery Of Our Immense Human Potential by Gayle Crosby. This book is a personal journey. It tells a person how important they are in this universe and how people have the ability to change themselves and their surroundings through their own minds and spiritual self.

This book leads you to finding meaning, purpose, and reasoning for what is happening in the world and in our lives. Every single page gives you something more to think about. While you read this book, you can be led to a much-heightened sense of reasoning and betterment.


Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings

Being mindful of what surrounds you is an essential step in this process. You will have to learn things that are around you, things that make your family what they are and how every emotion has a prior link. Our past experiences can significantly define how we react in the future, which we need to acknowledge. Being mindful of our present and past is a major part of our spiritual journey,

You will slowly realize what things affect your environment and what your patterns in life are. What makes you react and what makes you feel uncomfortable, and what things agitate your soul? All of these factors help you in being mindful of yourself and help you take responsibility for your emotions.



Meditation helps you feel the peace that exists inside of you. It enables you to cut off your surrounding static and connects you with the purity that exists inside of you. Silencing your brain through physical practices helps a lot and is an essential step in being a better, spiritually enlightened self. You will be reconnecting with who you really are and can delve deep into your emotional perspective of life.

Meditation and spiritual connection are closely linked to each other. It can bring out aspects of your past that you may not have realized before this. You will realize your patterns am=nd where your soul needs healing.

Once you find yourself moving on this path, do not stop. It will hurt, and there will be days when you will wish to be oblivious again. Make sure you accept things that come your way and try to change yourself for the better. There is not loss in this journey and only a better self awaits you.