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Where to locate Salt Giant Lost Ark Gold in the Lost Ark

Salt Giant Salt Giant is located in the southeast region of Saland Hills city, which is located on the Aregal Salt Plains in Lost Ark.

Similar to other world bosses, Salt Giant also spawns every 30 minutes. Therefore, if you're not able find it in the area below, you'll just need to wait for it to respawn.

Although it's possible to defeat it with the Salt Giant if you're geared enough, players in the beginning stages of the game might be taken aback by the monster's power level. The idea of a party to take down this Salt Giant is usually the ideal strategy if determined to conquer the battle as fast as you can.

Lost Ark has finally come to the West for players who are owners of the Founder's Pack. Other players will have to wait until February. 11 for the chance to download this South Korean game, which was initially released in the year 2018.

The game is bringing a fresh take within the MMO genre featuring a mix of hack-and-slash techniques of Diablo and other games along with the focus being on PvE and exploring features.

Players will also find some conventional best place to buy Lost Ark Gold mechanics that are present in the game, and the character customization is just one of them. There are a lot of options to pick from for creating a distinctive character. In the beginning, they'll have select a character, and that's where races will play a role.

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