Have you seen the boxes that operate traffic lights? They are typically gray or green. Completely utilitarian, they do little to boost the good looks of a city. However, the City of La Mirada had an idea. Why not host an art contest for school-aged residents? Then, the City’s representative would select the top contestants and use the artwork as vinyl wraps on city traffic control boxes.

La Mirada Beautifies Sidewalks and the Streetscape with Attractive Vinyl Wraps

The client decided to take the artwork and forward it to our shop. They then asked us to transform it into vinyl wraps for traffic control boxes. We were given the addresses of the targeted boxes, took measurements, cleaned them, and prepared them for installation. In the meantime, our technicians printed the art.

We used cast vinyl for durability and ease of conforming to the shapes of the boxes. Look closely, and you will notice that the artwork on the boxes features the artists’ names and the names of the art pieces. The addition of the colorful artistry completely transforms the look and feel of the street corners now. The next step is for the judges to pick one winning artist over the next few weeks. 

Municipalities Appreciate the Budget-Friendly Versatility of Vinyl

The traffic control box vinyl graphics are an excellent example of how it is possible to completely change the look of a space without investing a lot of money into changes to landscaping or art installations. Vinyl is inexpensive, durable, and ideally suited for use on a broad range of products. The material can turn electrical panels into works of art. Post and panel signs in parks get a new look with imprinted vinyl overlays.

Because 3M also makes vinyl suitable for exterior wall installations and even sidewalk use, we can also treat the outsides of buildings and the looks of courtyards, sidewalks, and street crossings. City officials might order these products for short-term installations to gear up for a festival or special event. That said, they can also become long-term works of art that become part of a venue’s overall appearance.

Superior Signs and Graphics Specializes in Wrapping Cars, Boxes, and More!

You probably already know that we can wrap trucks, cars, vans, and everything else that drives, flies, or floats. However, you might not have thought about the other products we can wrap. Examples include utility boxes, construction fences, garage doors, building walls, and various items on the inside. Examples include shelves, refrigerators, windows, doors, and more. 

If we have piqued your interest in finding out how vinyl graphics and wraps could change the look and feel of your spaces, connect with our graphic artist. Even if you do not need vinyl wraps on city traffic control boxes in La Mirada, CA, you might benefit from treating the windows of City Hall, transforming the exterior of a library, or turning a spare office into a wedding chapel. Discuss your thoughts with our specialists today!