Are you looking for thicker and more fuller hair? I tip extensions can help you achieve that goal. They can be applied with individual strands or the weft method. To make it more convenient for their lives, some people customize their I Tips.

What is Tip Extensions?

I-tip Extensions may be the perfect choice if you want a permanent solution to hair extensions. I-tip extensions are made by connecting small sections of your own hair with an extension string using a hot glue gun. This method is less damaging than other types and can last up to 4 months if taken care of properly.

I-tip extensions can be styled exactly like your own hair and come in a variety colors and textures. They can be straightened, curled and dyed. But it is best to talk with a professional before doing this. The versatility of I-tip extensions is limitless. You can wear them in either undoes or braids.

A professional stylist can help you choose the right color and texture for your hair if you are considering I tip extensions. I tip extensions must be maintained after application. Your stylist will give you aftercare instructions to ensure that your extensions and natural hair are not damaged.

Types of I Tip Extensions

I Tip extensions are popular because they offer many benefits. They are made from real human hair and have a natural look. They can be styled any way you like, and they are easy care for.

There are two types I-tip extensions. Fusion and pre-tipped. Pre-tipped I-tip extensions come pre-attached to the hair strand. It makes it quick and simple to apply them. Fusion I tip extensions require a hot adhesive gun to attach to the hair. This method requires more time, but offers a stronger hold. No matter the type of I Tip Extension you choose, you'll love the natural look they give.

How to Apply I Tip Extensions

I tip extensions is a great choice if you want to add volume and length to your hair. However, before you head to the salon there are some things that you should know about applying I-tip extension.

I tip extensions are made using a small, metal bead which is clamped to your natural hair. One strand of the extension hair is then passed through the bead, and attached to your natural hair. This is repeated until all beads have been applied.

I tip extensions have the advantage of being easy and quick to apply. Be sure to apply the beads correctly to avoid any damage to your natural hair.

Here are some tips and tricks for applying I tip extensions.

  • Start with dry, clean hair that has been styled to the desired shape. Extensions won't adhere well to hair that is oily or wet.
  • You can use a tail comb to cut small sections of your hair where you'll be applying the extensions beads. The rest of your hair should be cut off.
  • Use your thumb and forefinger to gently open the extension bead until it can fit over a strand from your natural hair.
  • Allow a section of extension hair to pass through the open bead. Next, place the hair over your natural hair.

How can I maintain my Tip Extensions?

Congratulations to anyone who is considering I tips extensions. I tip extensions add volume and length to your hair. As with all good things, I-tip extensions require some care. This section will show you how to maintain I-tip extensions.

  • Shampooing: When washing your I-tip extensions it is essential to use gentle shampoos and conditioners. Don't use harsh shampoos or conditioners. They can cause damage to hair and decrease its lifespan. Look for products without sulfates that are made for color-treated locks. It is a good idea to use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair prior to washing it. This will help avoid breakage.
  • Conditioning: Conditioning helps to keep your I tip extensions healthy. After shampooing your hair, apply conditioner from the root to the tip. Let it sit for at least 3-5 minutes, then rinse it out. A leave-in conditioner should be used once or twice weekly to get the best results.
  • Hairstyle: In styling your I tip extensions. Avoid heat tools as they can damage hair. If you do have to use heat tools (like curling irons and straighteners), be sure to spray it with a heat protector.

Alternatives to I Tip Extension

There are other options for I tip extensions if you aren't interested. Here are some alternative ways to grow your hair.

  • Tape-in Extensions: Tape-in extensions offer a popular alternative for I tips. These extensions can be attached to your natural hair by attaching small strips tape to it, then attach the extensions to the tape. Tape-in extension can be reused many times and provide a more secure hold than I tip.
  • Microlink Extensions: These extensions are alternative to I tip extensions. You attach the extensions to your hair by attaching small rings of metal to it. However, Microlink extensions may be more difficult than I tips to remove.
  • Clip-in Extensions -Clip-in extensions are temporary extensions that can easily be removed and reapplied if needed. The extensions are attached by attaching the small clips to your natural hair. These extensions are fast and easy, but don't have as much hold as Microlinks.


I Tip extensions are a great option to add length and volume to your locks without using harsh chemicals or adhesives. As with any new product, there are bound be questions. This section answers some of the most frequent questions about I tip extensions, so you are confident and well-informed about this popular method for hair extension.

How to I Tip Extensions Applied

I Tip extensions are made by attaching a small bead to your natural hair. After the bead is secured, a hair extension is fed through the hole. Once all beads have been placed, the complete head of extensions can be completed by repeating this process.
I Tip Extensions are great because they can be reapplied as many times as needed. They're also gentle on your natural hair so they won't cause damage to your hair.

How Long Can Tip Extensions Last?

I tip extensions last 4-8 weeks depending how well you take good care of them. Use heat styling tools and avoid harsh chemicals to extend the life of your hair extensions. For tangle-free hair, you should brush your hair daily.

I-tip Extensions are easily re-usable if taken care of correctly. As usual, brush the extensions after every wear. To remove them, you can use a soft comb to loosen them and slide them out. They can be stored in a safe place until the next time you use them.

I-tip extension are made of human hair so they feel natural and very comfortable. They are attached to your hair with tiny silicone beads. This should not cause discomfort. There may be some tension in your scalp after the first time they are put in. However, this should fade within a few days.

How Much Does Tip Extensions Cost?

I tip extensions add length and volume to hair without the need for glues or harsh chemicals. Prices for I tip Extensions are dependent on the type and length of the hair. I Tip extensions can cost anywhere from $200 to $2000.

You should consider how satisfied you were with the service provided by your stylist when deciding how to tip them. If the stylist gave you the best look possible, a tip of 15-20% is appropriate. A tip of 10-15% would be appropriate if the experience was good. You can also tip 5-10% if you are not satisfied with the extension application.

How do I take care of my I Tip Extensions?

I-tip extensions are made from human hair so you can style them just like your own hair. You can style your I tip extensions the same way you would your hair. You should use heat protectant sprays before you use any hot styling tools.

To wash your I Tip Extensions, first brush them to remove tangles. Use a mild shampoo or a sink to wash the extensions. The shampoo should be gently massaged into the extensions. Rinse thoroughly. Next, use a conditioner that is suitable for color-treated locks and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes before washing it out. Next, towel dry your extensions gently and then comb them with a wide tooth comb.

Air dry extensions as often as you can. But if you need to blow dry, set the dryer on the lowest setting and place the dryer six inches from the ends of your hair. Do not use alcohol to style your extensions. They can become dry and fragile over time.


You might have questions if I tip extensions are something you are interested in. This article addresses some of the most common questions regarding I Tip hair extension, including how to apply them and what care is needed. I-tips are a great choice if you're looking for natural, long-lasting hair extensions. Contact a professional stylist or extension specialist if you have further questions.