Do you want thicker and longer hair? I tip extensions will help you do this. They can also be used with individual hair strands, or using the weft process. Some people make their own I tips to make them better fit their lifestyle.

I-tip extensions might be the best choice for permanent hair extensions. I tip extensions are created by joining small sections from your natural hair to an extension using a hot glue gun or keratin glue. This method is much less damaging to natural hair than other types, and can last as long as 4 months if cared for properly.

I-tip extensions come in a variety color and texture options to match your natural hair. You can even style them just like your hair. They can be curled or straightened and even dyed. However, it is best not to do so without consulting a professional. The I-tip extension can be worn in either braids or undoes, which gives you endless styling options.

You should consult a professional stylist if you are thinking about I-tip Extensions. This will ensure that they are correctly installed and that the right texture and color match your natural hair. I tip extensions should be maintained once they have been applied. You should follow your stylist's aftercare instructions to avoid damaging the extensions or your natural hair.

Types of I Tip Extensions

I Tip extension are popular for many reasons. I-tip extensions can be styled in any way you like. They can be styled in whatever way you wish and are easy-to-care for.

There are two main types I tip extensions: Fusion or pre-tipped. The adhesive for pre-tipped, I-tip extension comes already attached to the hair. They can be applied quickly and easily thanks to this. Fusion I tip extensions require a hot glue gun to attach adhesive to hair strands. This method is slower but gives a stronger hold. It doesn't matter what kind of I Tip extension, you will still enjoy the natural look that they provide.

How do I Apply I Tip Extensions

I tip extensions offer great results for adding length and volume to hair. There are a few things to remember before you go to the salon to learn how to apply I tip extensions.

I tip extensions use a small bead made of metal that is clamped on to the hair. After the bead is secured, a strand from the extension hair is passed through the loop and attached to the hair. Repeat this until all beads are used.

I tip extensions offer many advantages. They can be applied quickly and conveniently. But, you need to make sure the beads are correctly applied to prevent any damage to your natural locks.

Here are some tips for using I tip extensions.

  • Clean, dry hair must be styled into the desired form. Extensions will not stick well to hair that has been oiled or sweaty.
  • Use a tail comb or a comb to separate small sections of hair from the areas where you will apply the extension beads. Cut off the rest of hair.
  • By gently pushing the extension beads between your thumbs and forefinger it will open up enough to be able to fit over your natural hair.
  • To ensure that both your natural and extension hair are in the bead, feed a small amount of the hair through it.

How Do I Maintain Tip Extensions?

Congratulations if I tip extensions are something you are thinking about or have already purchased. I tip extensions are a great method to add length or volume to your hair. However, like all great things they need some upkeep. This section will explain everything you need about maintaining your I-tip extension, from washing to styling.

  • Hair washing: Be gentle when washing I-tip extensions. Avoid harsh shampoos and conditioners. These can damage hair and reduce its lifespan. You should instead choose sulfate free products for color-treated tresses. You can also use a wide tooth comb to untangle your hair, which will help prevent it from breaking.
  • Conditioning: Conditioning is essential to maintain the health and beauty of your I-tip extensions. After shampooing, apply a generous quantity of conditioner to your I-tip extensions. Allow it to sit for approximately 3-5 minutes and then rinse it off. Use a leave in conditioner every other week to achieve the best results.
  • Styling For styling your I tip extensions that less is more. As heat can damage hair, it is important to avoid using heat tools. If you have to use heat tools (such a curling iron or straightener), ensure that you spray a heat protectant before using.

Alternatives I Tip Extension

If I tip extensions don't interest you, there are many other options. Here are some options to lengthen your hair.

  • Tube-in Extensions - Tube-in extensions is a popular substitute to I-tips. Attach small strips of tape onto your natural hair and then attach the extensions. Tape-in hair extensions can be reused several times and are stronger than I tips.
  • Microlink Extensions: These are alternative to I tip extensions. The extensions are applied by attaching tiny metal rings to your natural hair and then attaching your extension strands. They are easier to remove than I-tips, but Microlink extensions provide a stronger hold.
  • Short-term Extensions: The clip-in extensions allow for temporary hair growth and can be removed or reapplied whenever needed. These extensions can be applied by simply clipping the extension onto your hair strand using small clips. The clip-in extension is a fast and easy way for you to grow your hair. However, it doesn't hold as well as Microlinks and I tips.


I Tip hair extensions add length and volume without the need for any adhesives or harsh chemicals. There are always questions. We'll answer your most frequently asked questions I tip extensions to make sure you are well-informed and confident about this popular hair enlargement method.

I tip hair extensions are applied with a small clamp that is placed on your natural hair. The bead then holds the hair in place by feeding it through. Continue this process until all of your beads are securely in place.
I Tip extension's great feature is their ability to be reapplied at will. You won't be able to damage your natural hair by using I Tip extensions.

How Much Time Do Tip Extensions last?

I tip extensions can be kept in good condition for between 4-8 week depending on how they are cared for. Your extensions will last longer if you don't use harsh chemicals or heat styling products. To prevent tangles, gently brush your hair each day and don't sleep with wet hair.

I-tip extensions can be reused provided they are kept clean. Once you're done with each wear, brush your extensions and style as usual. You can remove the extensions by using a comb. These should be kept safe until you are ready to wear them.

I-tips are often made from human hair. Therefore, they feel natural and comfortable. The silicone beads attached the tips to your own hair so that they don't cause any discomfort. Although you might feel some tension on the scalp, it should dissipate within a few weeks.

What Do Tip Extensions Really Cost?

I tip extensions give you great hair lengthening options without the need to use glues or chemicals. Prices for I tip extensions vary depending upon the quality of hair and the length. I Tip Extensions are available at prices ranging from $200-$2000.

The level of service you received is a key factor in determining how much to tip an extension stylist. A 15-20% tip will be appropriate for stylists who go above and beyond in creating the perfect look. A standard tip of 10-15% applies if you are happy with the experience. A 5-10% tip would be common if you were unhappy with your extension application.

How Do I Care For My I Tip Extensions

I-tip Extensions made of human hair can be styled as natural hair. Your I tip extensions can be curled, straightened, and styled in the same manner as your natural hair. Be sure to spray heat protectant before using any styling tools.

Start by brushing the I Tip Extensions. After that, rinse them under a running water and then apply a light amount of mild shampoo. After shampooing, gently rub the shampoo into your extensions. Rinse off thoroughly. Next, apply a conditioner made for color-treated tresses and let it sit for about a minute before rinsing. Let your extensions dry on a towel and then use a wide-tooth combing to smoothen them.

You can let your extensions air dry whenever you like. If they must be blown dried, use the lowest heat setting, and keep the dryer approximately six inches from your hair. Use alcohol-free products on your extensions. Over time, this could cause them to dry out and become fragile.


You have probably got some questions if I tip extensions is something that interests you. This article answers some of the most frequent questions about I Tip Hair Extensions, such as how they are applied and how much maintenance is required. I-tips are a good option for those who desire natural-looking, long-lasting extensions. Please contact a qualified stylist to discuss I-tip extension options.