Has online craps always been played online? Of course not, remember the internet has not really been around all that long, so the game had to begin elsewhere, right? Well, it just so happens that the game of craps is extremely old. This game of dice has been around for many, many years, even centuries. casino online People, which included soldiers and kings, have played craps throughout the years and in various places of the universe.Where craps began really depends on whom you are asking. Some people believe that craps is a direct form of a game known as Hazard, which is an ancient English game. When we say ancient, we mean in the times of Sir William of Tyre and the third crusade. Of course, in those days, dice were not used; instead they used knucklebones of pigs.

In essence, it was the French that introduced the game of craps, because of its name change. It seems that the French thought that the English were saying craps, instead of crabs, which is what the Englishmen chose as a nickname for hazard. Therefore, when the name changed to craps, it was the result of a mispronunciation.However, if you ask others, they will tell you that the name of the game is from the French word meaning frogs, crapeaud. At any rate, regardless of how the name came around or where it actually came from, it was the French that introduced the beloved game of craps to the U.S.

Throughout the years, the play of the game has changed dramatically. What originally started as betting on your own dice or roll has evolved into the ability to bet against or for that of another player as well. Century after century, the game of craps, or a variation of it, has been extremely popular. It is no wonder that online craps has followed in the same shoes.The internet has opened up a whole new world of game play. Now, instead of heading to the casino, spending money on expensive drinks, tips, and dealing with the crowd. People who love craps can turn to the online world. The internet now allows you to play online craps without ever having to set foot out of your house. Now, if you want a drink, you do not have to pay the server to get it for you, however, it will require getting out of your seat now and then to go to the refrigerator.