Best electric bike 2022

While the best electric bikes have been popular for many years in mainland Europe and East Asia, people in the UK have only recently woken up to the charms of a little motor assistance when cycling. Commuters, in particular, can benefit from an e-bike, as they offer a fast, reliable and sweat-free route to work, avoiding both the crush and delays of public transport and the physical demands of regular cycling.To get more news about electric bikes for adults, you can visit official website.

That’s not to say you get off scot-free with regards to exercise. You still have to pedal to get the motor running on an e-bike – you can’t just press a button and put your feet up – and the assistance cuts out by law at 15.5mph. If you want to go faster than that, then you’re on your own. Still, the motor makes a big difference: the effort required to power an e-bike is roughly comparable to walking, which makes it the ideal way to travel further and faster without melting in a pool of sweat.
Here you’ll find our pick of the best e-bikes that are currently on the market. Whether you’re looking for a commuter-friendly steed, a bargain-priced beginner’s option or something ready for longer off-road and on-road weekend rides, you’re guaranteed to find something that fits the bill. At the end of the roundup, you’ll also find a buying guide to help you choose the best e-bike for you.
Simply want to get from A to B without any fuss? The Tenways CGO600 is a great low-maintenance option. The single-speed, belt-drive design means that there’s no gears and no need to worry about your chain going rusty in the rain.

The modest 250Wh battery keeps things lightweight while providing a claimed 70km range, and the specification includes hydraulic brakes, LED lights and alloy wheel rims.

Another rarity at this price is the inclusion of a torque sensor to activate the motor. While cheaper models simply activate the motor once you turn the pedals, the Tenways’ torque sensor monitors how hard you’re pushing the pedals and balances the power assistance to match, providing an altogether smoother delivery of energy.

The CGO600 isn’t a good choice if you regularly tackle hills steeper than 10%, but if you want a more sophisticated and sporty alternative to the single-speed Pure Flux One, or like the idea of an affordable, torque-sensing e-bike which is perfect for flatter terrain, the Tenways CGO600 is a great buy.
It may be expensive but if you want the most comfortable ride, and you must have a folding e-bike, the GoCycle G4 is the only way to go. Unlike most small-wheeled bikes, the G4 comes with large volume tyres, which make for a smooth and secure ride, no matter the terrain. Plus, once folded up, it’s small enough to fit under most desks, and at 17.6kg, light enough to be carried short distances.

Coupled with its carbon fibre frame and single-sided forks that allow you to repair punctures without having to remove the wheel, and a host of features accessible via the GoCycle smartphone app, it’s one of the most advanced e-bikes around.

You can even strap your phone onto the handlebars and use it as a digital dashboard. You can view your current speed and battery level and switch quickly between the bike’s various ride modes.

With mudguards and integral lights included in the 2022 model as standard, the GoCycle G4 is better than ever and, despite that price, a brilliant bike for the space-starved commuter.
If you’re after a serene commute at a bargain, the Pure Flux One may be for you. Usually retailing at just under £1,000, travelling on Flux One’s light 17.5kg frame won’t weigh as heavily on your finances as other e-bikes. Although a decent 25-mile range should see you through a short commute with no issues, fast-charging batteries (up to 80% in three hours) mean that you’ll be topped up relatively quickly even if they run dry.

What sticks out with the Flux One is that there are no gears, with the standard steel chain replaced by a carbon belt. The absence of gears means the bike is a single-speed machine – racing in at 9mph, 12.5mph or 15mph – and works best on flat terrain. While this might be off-putting for cycling purists, carbon belts typically last much longer than steel chains and will never need oiling, nor do they run the risk of staining your clothes. The lack of gears means that from an accessibility perspective, the Flux One resembles the e-scooters Pure has become known for, while still offering a bit of a workout.