The Best Bike Helmets for Mountain Biking

Unless you're cycling indoors, bike helmets are an essential piece of safety gear—they are made to protect you from traumatic brain injuries. Research has shown that helmets are effective in reducing risk of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), facial injury and death in the event of a crash. Helmets equipped with technology such as MIPS (more on that below), SPIN and WaveCel have been tested and found to reduce the risk of TBIs, with MIPS and SPIN-equipped helmets performing best.To get more news about ebike helmet, you can visit official website.

It’s important to note that the area of impact affects the helmet’s protection, and research suggests that more effective and comprehensive testing that imitates real-world situations needs to be done to determine which type of protection is best. That’s not to say you should avoid a helmet until the more results are in—the data is clear: It’s important to wear a helmet for safety.
With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best bike helmets on the market right now, no matter the type of cycling you’re into. You’ll be able to find one that fits your budget, riding style and overall safety needs.
The POC Kortal Race MIPS mountain biking helmet packs in a lot of safety features, which is also reflected in its price tag. The unisex helmet is available in five colors and three sizes (small, medium and large) so you can find the style and fit that works for you. With 17 vents, you’ll find the helmet to be aerodynamic and breezy. The visor is goggle-friendly, so you can stay protected even when traversing the muddiest of trails.

This road bike helmet comes in four sizes (small to extra-large) to accommodate head size and hairstyles. The WaveCel helmet technology is a Bontrager exclusive, using gel-like walls to keep your head safe. (It’s comparable to and a competitor of MIPS, which is widely used as a safety feature in a gamut of helmet brands.) Outfitted with a magnetic mount that can be useful on your commute (lights) or a fun way to record your weekend excursions (GoPro), this helmet doubles in function.

As a parent, you want to keep your kid safe. Enter the Specialized Shuffle LED MIPS helmet. While the helmet comes in one size, it is equipped with the brand’s Headset SX fit system geared for youth heads, so you can dial in a custom fit. It also includes a MIPS liner, for additional protection against impacts. The straps mimic that of adult helmets for comfort, and it looks like a cool mountain bike helmet. Kids will love the bright colors it comes in, and parents can feel good about the safety features.

Smith incorporated Koroyd Impact Protection in this Smith Mainline MIPS helmet for overall protection. This helmet is made for thrill-seekers: those who want to go on intense mountain bike rides and/or go fast on downhill trails. The helmet comes in three sizes, and includes pads you can change out for your perfect fit and comfort. Though this is a full-coverage helmet, so you’d expect it to trap more heat, 21 vents will allow for airflow on the ride. At this price point, it definitely caters to enthusiasts, rather than hobby riders.

This sleek Thousand Heritage helmet is made for stylish commuters. The company was started to cater to those who didn’t want to wear a traditional helmet because they didn’t want to ruin their look. (The company name Thousand comes from their goal of saving 1,000 lives by making helmets people actually want to wear). With a visor and fewer vents than a typical helmet, it will help keep you protected from the elements. The Heritage helmet has a vintage-inspired look and come in multiple colors, so you’ll never sacrifice safety for style again. And, the helmet is truly made for commuters—a secret pop lock gives you access to a hidden channel in the back of the helmet where you can thread your lock through.

The Nutcase VIO LED MIPS helmet is styled for a more casual rider, making the perfect helmet for e-bike riders commuting or running errands. Equipped with MIPS technology, this helmet will keep you safe as you ride in style. A removable visor and three large air vents (nine in total) will keep you cool during hot rides. Though the helmet only comes in two sizes, it’s made with a spin dial, so you can adjust the helmet to ensure it is snug on your head for safety. With two layers of built-in foam that double as protection, you’ll be able to ride in comfort. This stylish helmet can go with you on the road, the trail and the beach.

The Louis Garneau Eddy II is a great budget bike helmet. Its sleek design and low price point make it a great starter helmet for those not looking to break the bank, while still offering head protection. All Louis Garneu helmets come with the brand’s patented Rotexx technology, which aims to provide better impact absorption, inspired by a fall which left founder Garneau with multiple injuries and a concussion.