Saree is one of the most worn clothes in India, it is also a symbol of Indian culture and if it is a hand painted saree, then this saree holds a special significance, the artwork of this saree attracts everyone.

in any works of art, the background and texture of the canvas are important considerations to bring out the best of the painting. Similar to hand painting on saree, major elements are the fabric and colours used. We at Sanjoni use materials like satin, georgette, organza, and silk to make the ideal backdrop for these sarees. Take a look at each of these hand painted sarees below and get ideas on how to style them for different occasions and seasons.


Hand Painted Organza Saree


If we talk about hand painted saree, then we especially know Organza saree, it holds an important rank in all sarees.

Organza sarees with hand painted designs are a trend that will undoubtedly remain for a very long time. These fancy organza saree are extremely graceful and gorgeous because of the lovely combination of pastel and vibrant colors with the luxurious texture of organza cloth. Wearing a hand-painted online organza saree will make you feel like a modern Indian



Satin Hand-Painted Saree


A stunning satin silk saree that has been hand painted and has a blouse attached will enhance your stylish appearance.  If you enjoy fashionable trends, this should be a great addition in your collection. These sarees have lovely dupion silk tape at the borders and come with a lovely Fancy Blouse Piece, which will win your heart at first glance. Pair it with high heels for a pleasing appearance.


Hand Painted Kota silk saree  


Blend the structural integrity of cotton and the shiny magnificence of silk to deliver you seamless grace and elegance. These sarees are available in a variety of colors and patterns and are breathable and well-suited for the warm Indian weather. They can be worn on a variety of occasions including weddings, parties, and casual workdays. You can select from beautiful floral block prints, finished with zari and temple borders, or more modern colored and printed designs in addition to the traditional Kota silk saree designs in traditional shades of white, cream, and more.


Georgette Hand-Painted Saree

An outstanding favorite option for any casual occasion, such as an outing with friends or modest family gatherings, are nature-inspired hand-painted sarees with dainty floral designs and an appealing color palette. Given their extreme lightness and flow, hand-painted georgette sarees are especially pleasant for summer and early morning occasions.

in this blog, we are discuss about why women always love to wear hand painted saree and their types.