Announcing World Robotics 2022!

The International Federation of Robotics is inviting industry journalists to an online press conference for the publication of the new World Robotics 2022 report.To get more news about RaaS, you can visit official website.

The new World Robotics 2022 Industrial Robots report shows an all-time high with half a million robots installed in one year, exceeding the pre-pandemic record of robot installations.

Topics that the report will cover include the following ideas:

Where do the USA, China and Germany invest in times of crisis in the global automation race?
What trends drive industrial robotics in the Americas, Asia and Europe?
How does the sector of service robots evolve with innovations that will accompany people’s daily lives?
World Robotics – Industrial Robots: This unique report provides global statistics on industrial robots in standardized tables and enables national comparisons to be made. It contains statistical data from around 40 countries broken down into areas of application, industrial sectors, types of robots and other technical and economic aspects.

Production, export and import data is listed for selected countries. It also describes the trends in relation to robot density (for example, the number of robots per 10,000 employees in relevant sectors).


World Robotics – Service Robots: This unique report provides global statistics on service robots, market analyses, and forecasts on the worldwide distribution of professional and personal service robots.