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Chef jackets Singapore is a unique product that is worn as a traditional chef coat, and also as an outerwear in cold weather. It features an insulated design and has enough room for all the necessities of living in the kitchen. In addition, Chef Jacket comes with 4 pockets to hold your knives, 3 inside pockets for storing your tools, and 2 outside pockets for easily access-ing items like printed recipe cards or a tablet.

An apron is a must have for a chef and anyone working in a restaurant. Our Aprons singapore are comfortable, lightweight, yet durable to ensure that splashes and spills never get to you.

Disposable Food Packaging

What you may not know is that our Disposable food packaging is a major environmental hazard. There are four main types of food wrap, paperboard cartons, tray liners and trays. All of these materials can be made from sustainable forestry or recycled paper. Disposable plastic packaging on the other hand, has a much shorter lifespan and uses non-renewable resources that cannot be easily recovered or recycled once the product is consumed and discarded.

Table Cloth are a great way to dress up your dining or kitchen space. We do our Cheap table cloths to order to ensure the perfect fit for any table.

Thermal Bag (Insulated insulated bag) for food and grocery delivery. We carry the largest range of Thermal delivery bag in Singapore to suit every need.


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