ED or Erectile Dysfunction is a medical situation. Where men are unable to achieve a desired penile erection. For a successful orgasm, the penis must be hard for a considerable time otherwise you need to limit your expectations. It is an embarrassing situation for the man when he cannot satisfy his partner. Imagine the situation when your lover is sexually excited and waiting for you in bed.

But when you go, you finish lovemaking within a few minutes because of lack of erection. The wife becomes furious and disappointed to find out that her husband/ boyfriend is incapable of fulfilling her sexual desires.

Men tend to ignore sexual health and focus more on other pleasures of life. Hence, when the time comes to prove sexual strength, they fail miserably. By definition, Erectile Dysfunction is only a sexual disorder but its after-effects penetrate every aspect of life.

For example, Erectile Dysfunction has resulted in divorce, extramarital affairs, and even suicides. One might think how come a sexual malfunction led to one taking his own life. For this, we require to go a little long. In the society where we live men are said to be less manly if they suffer from ED. Due to the fear of being mocked by relatives and friends the victim does not disclose the disease.

The ailment thus becomes serious when left untreated. Such people tend to possess low self-confidence and self-esteem. Instead of considering ED just a normal disorder like typhoid, malaria, etc, it is considered a sign of reduced masculinity. Such people prove to be less productive in work, refrain from attending social functions and become detached from society.

Gradually loneliness engulfs the person, he gets irritated with everyone in his family, relationships and friendships get ruined. You can imagine the mental state of such a person, how claustrophobic it is. He then blames himself for all the misfortunes in his life and goes to the extent of self-destruction. Ultimately, he becomes a patient of depression along with Erectile Dysfunction. In many cases, negative thoughts are all that the person has in his mind which tempt him to end his life.

This is why the support of the loved ones is the most important during such a situation. If you are the spouse of an ED patient, do not degrade his self-confidence. Be with him and communicate so that he knows that he is not alone. Partners have been seen to leave the relationship due to lack of sexual satisfaction or enter into extramarital affairs.

How to cure ED?

Now we know the destructive effects of Erectile Dysfunction. Well, there are not many ways, the most popular used method is to consume ED pills like Tadalafil. Let’s understand how Tadalafil helps in regaining lost erection? For this, one must understand the basics of sexual stimulation and reactions in the body. If during sexual stimulation sufficient amount of blood does not enter the penis then erection gets compromised.

Therefore, pills like Tadalafil works to ensure that the blood vessels of the penis are full of blood. Once dissolved in blood the secretion of an enzyme called cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) is facilitated.

This increases the smoothness and elasticity of erectile tissues which makes them ready to accommodate the influx of blood. Thus, this time when the man is seduced, blood rushes fiercely in the blood vessels of the penis to obtain a rock-hard penis. The next aim is to make sure this erection is sustained so, that enjoyment can last long. To extend the duration of erection a chemical PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) is suppressed. PDE5 usually works to lose the erection after ejaculation.

Therefore, when a very less amount of PDE5 is present, losing erection takes more time. Thus, giving more time for an erect penis, and even after ejaculation of semen, the penis remains erect. At least 3 to 4 hours is the duration for which erection lasts.


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