All too often, short men have a tough time finding clothes that fit well off the rack. Length is the biggest problem. Most garments simply aren’t made with the shorter guy in mind.To get more news about Short Fit Shirt, you can visit harmonshop.com official website.

This is true for complicated items like suits and outerwear, but it’s also true for the basic t-shirt. Most of them are just too long for men under 5’8″ or so.

When it comes to proper t-shirt fit, since most tees have short sleeves, we really only have to worry about the shirt’s length (from the top or the collar to the bottom hem).

Ideally, your t-shirt will end a couple inches past your belt or waistband, somewhere around mid-fly.If it exposes more than a sliver of belly when you raise your arms up over your head, it’s probably too short (usually not a problem for shorter guys).

Classic t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, so unless they’re pre-shrunk, they will shrink a bit when you wash and dry them.This is actually great for shorter guys. I’ve had a few t-shirts that were too long out of the box but fit perfectly after one laundry cycle.

Yup, you can have your t-shirts hemmed to a shorter length. You can even get them taken in for a closer fit.This is a simple alteration that’s worth it if you shirt is expensive, or if you just really love everything about it (other than the fit).

Remember to launder your shirt before getting it tailored to avoid any post-alterations shrinkage.When it comes to t-shirts for short men, my top pick is from Ash & Erie. It’s the perfect length and has a modern slim-but-not-tight fit.I also appreciate that the “V” isn’t too deep, which is often the case with traditional brands. It’s the right depth and shape for my 5’6″ frame.

Right now, Under 510 only has one t-shirt style, a slim fit short-sleeve henley. It’s available in three basic colors: black, white and blue.

ASKET makes high quality basics, sort of like a more premium Uniqlo or Everlane, but they have a unique sizing system.

They let you choose a size and length, so instead of just buying a size small, you can buy a small/short.Their shorter length shirts are very short. In fact, the XS/short is almost too short for my 5’6″ build!I’ve found that their version of short is actually a bit longer than ASKET, which isn’t a bad thing (an ASKET XS was borderline too short for me).

Keep in mind, these tees aren’t super slim. They’re not baggy, though…more of a middle-of-the-road modern cut.The colors and fabrics are really nice (especially the slub cotton), and you can choose between crew neck, v-neck, curved hem or straight hem.

I’ve always admired Buck Mason from a distance since their standard t-shirts were too long for me, but I recently tried the new shorter lengths, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite tees.