How Much Does A Security System Cost?

A good home security system can bring you peace of mind when it comes to the safety and security of your family and belongings. That’s why most people who have them insist they’re worth every penny. But if you’re thinking of having one installed, you might be wondering about the average cost of a home security system.To get more news about security products for home, you can visit official website.

Then, of course, there’s the decision of which security system to go with, and which features are a must-have and which you can skip. Learn how much you can expect to pay when it comes to security system cost, and how to choose the right one for your needs.
In the table above, we’ve broken down the security system cost into those three parts for easy reference. Below, we’ll take a look at exactly what’s included in these costs.

Home Security System Equipment Cost
When it comes to home security equipment, no two systems are alike. Some come with bare-bones offerings while others offer robust packages with cameras and smart doorbells. Still, others boast à la carte offerings that allow you to pick and choose what you need to keep your home safe. Home security equipment costs can vary from $0 (with purchase of a contract) to more than $600 for an advanced security package.
Home Security System Monthly Cost
All home security systems charge a monthly fee for monitoring services. The home security system monthly cost typically ranges from about $10 to $50, with prices varying depending on the amount of equipment being monitored, and how advanced the services are.

Home Security Alarm System Activation Fees
When your system is installed, you’ll pay a fee for this, along with activation. The prices vary based on which brand you purchase, and while some security systems don’t have activation fees, others can cost as much as $200 to $300.

Security System Installation: Professional or DIY
The cost and ease of security system installation will vary greatly depending on the type of security system that you choose, namely, wired or wireless. A wireless camera is generally easy to install on your own, depending on where you want it to be placed. On the other hand, you may want to hire a professional to install a wired camera security system for you, as this involves drilling holes and running wires around your home. It will typically cost two to three times more for a professional to install a wired system vs. a wireless one.
Wired vs. Wireless Alarm Cost
Several of the older home security systems, like ADT and Brinks, offer wired alarm systems. Advantages of wired systems include not having to worry about hackers, which are common on wireless systems, and greater reliability in areas with poor cellular signals. The average cost of a home security system that’s wired is between $800 and $1,600, according to HomeGuide.

Wireless systems are the latest and greatest offering in home security, with everything controlled by a smart device. These systems include advanced features that often extend the scope of home security into remote management like turning lights on and off, controlling temperature and locking or unlocking doors from afar.


Another major advantage of a wireless home security system is that a potential intruder can’t disable the system by cutting phone lines, which is possible on a wired system. Per HomeGuide, the average cost of a wireless home security system ranges between $200 and $2,000.
If you opt to have a home security system on your property, many require a one-time activation and installation fee. Check with the manufacturer, since some security systems, like Ring and SimpliSafe, don’t require this type of fee. Others keep it low and offset this by charging a slightly higher monthly fee. The home security system installation costs vary among the available systems, but in general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0 to $199.