Discover A-FOLD's revolutionary prefabricated foldable modular wooden houses: they're affordable, sustainable, durable and build in record time.

Pre-assembled measured wooden houses and glamping arrangements

A-Overlap Houses is a creative particular development framework for private and traveler use. A-Overlap pre-assembled wooden houses and glamping models are exclusively worked to address each issue for space, plan and spending plan.

With our measured wooden houses it is simple and exceptionally quick to establish an agreeable climate to reside in, which consolidates high useful elements with the compositional worth of Italian plan. Foldable home

The line of glamping models by A-Crease answers the groundbreaking thought of the travel industry and is intended for all voyagers searching for solace and configuration even an extended get-away.

The test as a maker of pre-assembled wooden houses is to improve the pre-assembled constructing area through brilliant ventures and state of the art creation processes.

A-Crease pre-assembled wooden houses and glamping models are planned and delivered in Italy because of a long family custom and 30 years of involvement with the area, the most recent age advances and an enthusiasm for nature, continuously ensuring high energy execution, sound protection and sturdiness. The A-Crease proposition of secluded wooden houses for private and vacationer use comprises of various models, to address any issue.

A-Overlay, pre-assembled wooden houses maker

A-Overlay is a trailblazer among pre-assembled houses makers for its capacity to join best in class development strategies and quality materials to make the best pre-assembled particular wooden house, while giving reasonable and manageable residing space rapidly and without any problem.

A-Crease is perhaps the earliest producer of pre-assembled secluded wooden house with serious areas of strength for a to the development. It ensures the plan and development of sturdy, tremor safe and flexible houses to meet any necessity: modular houses

Pre-assembled wooden houses maker

A-Overlap stands apart among pre-assembled wooden houses producers as it plans protected and comfortable spaces that can develop and change with your necessities. All models of pre-assembled wooden houses are intended to give incredibly open to residing while at the same time staying reasonable and maintainable arrangements. A-Overlay impeccably suits each spot you maintain that it should be: whether in huge urban communities or provincial regions, in the mountains or in a little ocean side town. A-Crease fits impeccably into any environmental elements. You can add your very own touch by picking your model and most loved materials, as per your necessities and financial plan. The various development and completing choices permit you to modify your home as per your taste. Because of the profoundly normalized pre-assembled house development framework and speedy establishment, you can set aside time and cash and safeguard the climate.

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