Android still rules the roost globally today. Comparatively, 15% of the world's population chooses iOS, while over 75% prefer Android. It is an operating system with a sizable app market. An astounding 2.87 million apps can be found in the Google Play Store, each of which is original and user-friendly in its own right. Therefore, whether an app will succeed or fail on the Google Play Store depends greatly on a developer's general skill set as well as their idea.

So, if you're one of the ambitious developers wondering what talents are necessary to create engaging Android apps, we've put up a detailed list of some of the most important ones needed today.

1. An Unprecedented Knowledge of Java and Kotlin

Knowledge of Java and Kotlin is one of the most important skills to have and may make or break an Android developer's career. Both Java and Kotlin are programming languages that Android developers should feel comfortable using because they are both used to create native Android apps.

In the case of Kotlin, Google has actually declared it to be the best programming language for creating Android applications.

In an integrated development environment, Java is frequently used to create Android applications.

2. Need to be Technically Sound

The market for Android apps is now changing quickly, and new trends are emerging. It is essential for developers in this day and age to be technically proficient and able to produce creative apps for almost any platform.

Additionally, since technology advances quickly, the incorporation of technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 5G has completely changed how we previously thought of mobile apps. While blockchain now offers protection against online risks, artificial intelligence is opening the door for more clever and creative uses.

It is probably safe to say that what matters is staying up to date with the newest technologies and events surrounding them, in addition to having hands-on experience with Android Studio, Android SDK, and APIs.

Technical skill also becomes important because the level of experience used to create any Android app is a determining factor in its success. As a result, keeping up with the fast changing trends and possessing solid technical expertise are essential for Android app development in the modern era.

3. Vital Sense of the UX/UI

The majority of app users today desire highly engaging, responsive, and user-friendly applications. As a result, there is a greater need than ever for an intuitive UX and UI. According to research, more than half of all app users worldwide make snap judgments about an app.


While this is true, the market today also expects designers and developers who have a solid grasp of app design. Therefore, in order to create an Android app that stands out, one must be well-versed in both the design criteria of Android apps and the styles of designs that people like.

4. Required Skill in Cross-Platform Solutions

Cross-platform solutions are in high demand right now. A number of frameworks have been introduced to enable Android developers to create applications that can run on the iOS platform as well. These include React Native and Flutter. To facilitate the development of mobile applications outside of the Android platform, the tech behemoth Google has developed Kotlin Multi-Platform.

Android users all across the world have praised this decision, and any aspiring developers should be aware of it.

5. The Significance of Critical Thinking

The process of creating apps requires critical thinking, and Android developers are not exempt from it. Having a critical mindset is essential for any developer who wants to create an Android app in the modern era. It gives programmers the freedom to explore every option and thoroughly evaluate each one. This is usually advantageous because it lowers the likelihood that an app's code will contain errors.

6. A Sound Understanding of Business

The visibility of your app on the app store will depend on how well you understand the commercial aspect of app development. Today, the majority of developers prioritize user visibility for their apps. This is easier said than done; developers must be able to optimize their apps appropriately in order to make them visible on the Google Play Store. So, knowing the business side of things might be really important if you're an app developer looking to create an Android app.

7. Need to be an Ardent Researcher

One of the very first steps in developing an Android app is conducting in-depth research about industry trends, user preferences, the features included in rival apps, etc. Any potential developer who wants to create an Android app will ultimately decide what features the app has integrated with them based on the type of research they perform. It would have an impact on the functionality as well as the type of experience customers would have when using the app. Thus, the developer must have a thorough understanding of research methodology.

8. Adaptability is the key

Last but not least, one of the most important aspects of creating Android applications is being adaptive as a developer. Today, the vast majority of top app developers place increased focus on utilizing new technology and development methods in order to create apps that are generally successful.

Today's Android app development involves several factors, and developers must be on point. These factors range from research and technical expertise to business and design. As competition increases, so do developers' all-around skills. Along with possessing the necessary skill sets, it's also important to be aware of the Google Play Store's constantly changing requirements when creating Android apps.