That’s why we’ve put together our guide on bike locks, including some options for you to consider, so you can give yourself some added peace of mind when it’s not in your line of sight. Picks are based on in-depth research, analysis of user reviews and industry knowledge.To get more news about ebike lock, you can visit official website.

Which type of bike lock is best?
There are several different types of lock, but the main ones use either a metal cable of varying thicknesses, a metal chain, or a solid metal bar.

Granted, none of these are going to be light to carry, but it’s a small inconvenience in order to prevent the greater inconvenience of going bike-less if yours gets stolen.
In general, locks with a metal bar, also called D-locks (or U locks), are most reliable and strongest against unwanted attack.

Cable locks can be useful and light enough to stuff away in a pocket, and are better than nothing, but they are easier to cut through with pliers and are thus not the safest option.
What is a silver grade lock?
Sold Secure rated locks refer to the level of insurance available to the user if the bike is stolen despite using a graded lock. A silver grade lock, which is what many decent D-locks will be, provides an insured value of less than £999.99.

Lock your bike with a gold grade lock and the insured value will cover upwards of £1,000. Recently, the diamond grade has also been introduced. More work still needs to be done to differentiate between the top two grades, but both are a pretty safe bet.

If you have an e-bike or high-profile number worth several thousands, then go for the highest rated lock you can find – it’s simply not worth the risk.
Featuring a classic U-lock style, the curved rod itself has been made from 12.7mm thick steel and locks into the base using a pair of hardened double-deadbolts, which the brand says provides added security.

Kryptonite says because of these the lock has significant holding power and can withstand any tugging.

Boasting a rating of six out of 10 on their very own security scale, it also has an anti-rotation feature in the lock which aims to keep things firmly in place.
Boasting a Sold Secure gold security rating, this safety combo features a Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7 bike lock and a Kryptoflex cable, which aims to ensure your bike remains where you left it.

The brand has its very own patented deadbolt, which is reinforced to provide extra resistance to any would-be-thieves yanking at the lock, and has a cam locking mechanism for a secondary level of protection. If you’re looking for a robust lock that will keep your bike exactly where you left it, this D lock claims to be a strong and reliable option.

Made from hardened steel, it has a double deadbolt, which is designed to keep it firmly in place and resist any tugging and pulling.

It comes with two keys so you have a handy back-up should you lose one, and there’s even a cover included that promises to protect against water and dust.