Online Legal services for startups in Lucknow.

Business Buddy Solutions is providing Online Legal services for startups in Lucknow. providing legal help to the customer with ease and with a motive to resolve their issues at go. Their vision is to solve the customer issue smoothly, so that trust is built between our clients and us. “We assure our clients with the best-provided service with a good quality, to create better everyday life for people”.


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 We offer legal advice and guidance to new startups, growing companies, and successful entrepreneurs that may need help planning the next steps for their businesses.

The requirements and challenges faced by companies vary in different stages. 


When you decide to start your own business, one of the primary decisions you will face is which legal business entity to form. As a startup, you have many different options, and each has its legal requirements and insinuations. You should carefully consider how a particular entity will affect the formation, conservation efforts, and taxes.


The issues that legal services are often reached for by startups are:

Venture Financing Documents

Seed financing and funding rounds are key steps in any startup company’s life cycle. Typically, venture capital financing is attractive to smaller, newer companies that do not have access to traditional forms of funding such as issuing stock or applying for a loan through a bank.

 Liability Protection

One of the most important reasons businesses elect a certain type of business entity is to protect owners and investors from personal liability. Limited liability companies, or LLCs, are one of the various types of business entities from which you can choose when forming a company. The laws governing LLCs are set at the state level and vary somewhat from state to state. 

Entity Formations

Among the most important decisions, a business owner or entrepreneur can make is determining what business entity best suits their needs. This decision can affect how much you pay in taxes, the amount of paperwork that you will need to do, your liability, and your ability to raise capital by issuing stock. A sole proprietorship is perhaps the most common type of business that exists today, and many people may own one without knowing it. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

Successful merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions often rely on how well the parties involved communicate and how efficiently they can complete negotiations and due diligence.


Blockchain has slowly been taking the business world by storm. The regulatory and legal landscape for ICOs is quickly evolving, even lacking little guidance at times, and thus many businesses find themselves facing complex obstacles such as regulatory and legal hurdles like federal securities laws.