Best e-bike locks 2022

Finding the best e-bike lock presents a unique challenge. On one hand, the experience is similar to other bike security in that nobody wants to walk back to where they parked a bike and find it missing. It doesn't matter what the bike cost, that's a terrible feeling. To get more news about ebike lock, you can visit official website.

There are some differences though. The best electric bikes for commuting are a vulnerable target and the average price is higher than other commuter bikes. When we talked to in new tab) about the ways in which bikes were being stolen, the one clear data point was the price of lost bikes, and that electric bikes are driving a rise in the average value of the loss. Not only is the average price higher for electric bikes, but with an electric motor helping every turn of the pedals, it's less of an issue if you add a bit of extra weight to your ride. With those basic needs as an outline, we took a look at the work we'd done covering the best bike locks and we tailored it for a new set of needs.
There is some overlap with that list, of course, but this time it's all about security. Gone are the options focused on low-security quick stops and there's much less focus on what it takes to carry each option. So, if you are in the market for the right lock to keep your prized e-bike safe in every situation keep reading to see our picks for the best e-bike locks.
The trick to the New York Fahgettaboutit Mini isn't special technology. It gains it's signature name, and promise of protection even in the highest risk scenarios, because of a big thick 18mm shackle. That's a lot of steel to deal with. Unlike the D1000 lower down, it is possible to cut it with an angle grinder. That's true of most locks but it's also a lot harder dealing with it locked to a bike on the street than it is in a demonstration while in a vice. One challenge you might run into with the New York Fahgettaboutit Mini and an ebike though is that it's a small internal size. This keeps it less vulnerable to leverage attacks but it could be a challenge with an ebike. If you can make it work though we like its price for the amount of security it provides.

Smart locks are a hot-button issue when it comes to bike security. They have a tendency to worry people because of things such as battery life but in the context of an ebike, those concerns don't make as much sense. For one thing, many ebikes allow for external charging and you could plug the lock in if you needed to.

When it comes to ebike locks this is the least secure option we'd consider. In terms of the overall lock market, it's a very robust lock and it's inexpensive compared to some of the most secure options, but in this list, it's at the lower end of security. However, even being lower on this list, it's still high security.

The Hiplok DXXL takes a couple of pieces and combines them in a single purchase. There's a massive chain and there's also the Hiplok DX wearable U lock. Hiplok markets this option specifically for ebikes so it only makes sense we'd include it here.

Some people absolutely love folding locks. They are never as secure as chains or u-lock designs but they are super convenient. It's easier to mount them and, compared to u-locks, they are easier to use with unusual shapes and sizes. Looking at the field of folding locks, the Bordo Granit 6500 might be the most secure available.

Technology affects everything and tools are no different. As portable angle grinders get even smaller, cheaper and better at what they do, they've become a rising problem for bike theft. There is nothing on this list that can withstand an attack from a portable angle grinder, except for the Hiplok D1000.

If you start to study bike security, you will no doubt run into the chain vs U lock argument. There are proponents on both sides and there's no good answer. Chains are better suited for different anchors or bike shapes but they are also more hassle to carry with you. Even on an ebike you'll have to figure out what to do with a bike chain. The Hiplok Gold solves this problem by being wearable when unlocked. The system allows it to hook together while bypassing the lock for safety and convenience. The links use 10mm steel for plenty of security and if you choose the reflective option you can even add a big reflective hit into the clothing you wear. The only downside is all that security does mean you've got to deal with a bit of weight.

The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1415 & New York Disc Lock is another option in the massive chain lock category. It's even heavier than the Hiplok DXXL and the security is similar. In fact, the two offerings are similar in a lot of ways but they are unique enough that each has a place on this list. The Kryptonite chain doesn't loop through itself the way the Hiplok does and instead of a U-lock you get a lock that's a lot closer to a padlock. What Kryptonite does offer instead of the flexibility that comes with the Hiplok is an insurance offer.