Detectable Underground Warning Tapes

High Visibility: the product is printed with eye-catching wordings of underground utility management ownership unit and contact information, which is convenient for communication in emergency situations and improves efficiency.To get more news about Underground Warning Tape, you can visit official website.
Color-coded for application and double-laminated polyethylene film with excellent corrosion resistance for lifetime stability.
The aluminum backing makes underground assets easy to find by using a non-ferrous locator, consequently avoiding catastrophically inaccurate digging when locating, resulting in unnecessary loss of property and repair expenses or personal injury can occur avoiding interruption of service.
Excavation crews can utilize the warning tape to conduct a power-on test to determine the cables or pipes’ damage location, which is convenient for inspection and repair.
All-purpose: This tape can be buried underground to detect and mark many utilities e.g oil/gas, water & sewer pipelines, electric cables, telecommunications, or fiber optic cables.
Lay the tape over underground services at approx 30-50cm, halfway between the service and the surface of the trench so that a visual warning is given before any damage to the services is caused during an excavation.
The offered Electrical Underground warning tape is designed by utilizing lead free pigment liner density polyethylene by diligent team of experts. This tape comes in 100-1200mm width, 500m length and 400 thicknesses. In addition, the provided Electrical Underground warning tape is ideal for barricading purposes during work and excavation process at various places.