wholesale Rubber Sheet Application Use: widely used in substation, power plant, distribution room and so on. Product features: excellent physical and mechanical functions, with excellent insulation function, can be working during -35~+100鈩?air medium electrical coefficient demand high environment operation. Our company produces the main products: all kinds of rubber sheet, insulating rubber sheet, oil resistant rubber sheet, acid resistant rubber sheet, temperature resistant rubber sheet, skid resistant rubber sheet, nitrile rubber sheet, Dot rubber sheet, anti-static rubber sheet, conductive rubber sheet, industrial rubber sheet, tear resistant rubber sheet, fluorine rubber version, neoprene rubber version, epDM rubber sheet, silicone sheet, cloth rubber sheet, white rubber sheet, non-toxic rubber sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, rubber block, rubber products and more than one hundred rubber sheet products. Standard: 3-80mmx500 ~ 2000mm(TXW) Function: operating temperature -30-60鈩?in the dielectric environment Weight: 1.6 g/cm鲁 Tensile strength: 4MPa Hardness: 65shore A, The depth or height of the spots or concave and convex parts of the rubber sheet detected by the surface foundation of the rubber sheet shall not exceed the tolerance of the thickness of the rubber plate, no more than 5 bubbles with an area of less than 1c銕?per square meter, the distance between any two bubbles should be more than 40mm, and the depth and length of impurities shall not exceed 4mm. The width of uneven edge or spongy part of the plastic board shall not exceed 10mm, and the length shall not exceed 1/10 of the total length of the plastic board, and cracks shall not be allowed.wholesale Rubber Sheet website:http://www.sdlandbridges.com/rubber-conveyor-belt/rubber-sheet/