Himiway To Launch Three New E-Bikes

Himiway, the electric bike brand operating since 2017, has announced three new products to launch in October 2021. The three new 2022 Himiway E-Bikes – the ‘Softail supreme e-bike’, the ‘multifunctional e-bike’, and the ‘premium all-terrain e-bike - are entirely new to the Himiway lineup.To get more news about himiway ebike, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

Affordable e-bikes are increasingly common, as green modes of transport and sustainability become increasingly sought after by the public. 'Fat tire' e-bikes are also increasingly standard. Fat tires offer stronger grip and traction, making the e-bike experience more enjoyable for riders. Himiway already offers specialized characteristics making their bikes unique – these include long battery life, high power, and an odometer. Now, Himiway is launching three more of their fat tire e-bikes to add to their collection.To get more news about electric bikes for adults, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.
First up in the new additions to Himiway is the ‘Softail supreme e-bike’. While the prices are not officially announced yet, the Softail seems to be the higher-end of the three new bikes announced by Himiway. The Softail is between $2,000 and $3,000; however, the price is yet to be announced. Himiway describes Softail as the most innovative bike they have yet to offer. With first notch suspension, the ‘Softail supreme e-bike’ is part of Himiway’s e-bike revolution.

The second bike to be released by Himiway this Fall is the ‘multifunctional e-bike’. A cheaper option when compared to Softail, the multifunctional is designed to fulfill all requirements as an e-bike. This includes grocery shopping or weekend trips. While the price has yet to be compared, the ‘multifunctional e-bike’ is set to be between the $1,000 and $2,000 mark.

Finally, the ‘premium all-terrain e-bike’ is the final e-bike to be launched by Himiway this October. Around the same price point as the 'multifunctional e-bike', the premium all-terrain combines a mountain bike and an urban cruiser. As an all-terrain e-bike, the premium is suitable for off-road adventures.

The three new e-bikes launched by Himiway are set to be more of their high-quality yet affordable products that will dominate the affordable e-bike market. While the price point has yet to be confirmed, all three new releases are set to be within the $1,000 to $3,000 mark. All three will be released in October 2021, and more information about each bike will be available in the coming months.