Archimedes Screw Pump Sealed-for-life stainless steel lower bearings in stock

Located underwater at the bottom of the screw pump, lower bearings present maintenance teams with multiple challenges. Accessing and inspecting the submerged bearing is difficult, as drainage of the inlet is required, resulting in extended downtime. This downtime places additional stress on other pumps on site to meet the pumping capacity shortfall.To get more news about NETZSCH Pump Accessories, you can visit official website.

Then there are the difficulties of working within the tight confines at the bottom of the trough. Lower bearings that utilise forced lubrication feeds further complicate maintenance, as grease pumps and lines require regular inspection to ensure reliability. At water treatment facilities where uptime is vital, a low-maintenance lower bearing is the preferable solution.
The ECO-friendly Landustrie lower bearing requires no annual maintenance. Sealed and lubricated for the lifetime of the bearing, it requires no supporting grease pumps or lines. Easily exchangeable with existing bearings, the completely enclosed unit is also straightforward to install.

The enclosed nature of the bearing also eliminates the need for spares. An inherent three-dimensional self-aligning capability allows the ECO-friendly lower bearing to easily accommodate the expansion and contraction of the screw pump in varied temperatures. Consequently, the bearing provides facility operators with great reductions in pump downtime, maintenance and grease costs.

ECS Engineering Services is a leading provider of engineered solutions to the water industry and the exclusive UK supplier of replacement Landustrie Archimedes screw pumps. The business is currently providing Screw pump services to all of the major UK water companies.


Landustrie offers over a century of experience in water control technology, especially the design and manufacture of screw pumps. In the UK, ECS can provide turnkey installation and maintenance services, giving plant operators easy access to the advantages of ECO-friendly Landustrie lower bearing replacements.