the Best Sex Toys You Can Buy on Amazon

You know we’re really living in the future (aka 2022) because you can seriously order almost anything from Amazon these days. And by anything, we mean cute outfits, beauty products, home decor, jewelry, last-minute gifts, and, yes, even sex toys. Whether you’re looking to buy your first vibrator or expand an already impressive collection, Amazon’s got you covered. Ofc, experts say there are a few things to look for when shopping for the best sex toys on Amazon—or any other sex toy shops, for that matter.To get more news about buy masturbation cups, you can visit official website.

“I would absolutely suggest sticking to toys that are made of body-safe materials,” Tyomi Morgan, a certified sexologist, pleasure coach, and movement specialist, explains. “You want to go with medical-grade and body-safe silicones.” It’s also a good idea to buy toys sold directly from the brand rather than a third-party seller because it means there’s probably more info available about whether it’s made with body-safe materials. You deserve the real thing, bb.
If you’ve been curious about heated vibrators and dildos, it’s time to try one for yourself. This one has two separate motors–one in the main shaft and one in the rabbit ear part–to provide some *very nice* vibration action. As for the warming feature, several reviewers say it makes for a more realistic sensation. Intriguing! It’s also waterproof if you want to bring it into the tub or shower with you, and it features nine different vibration modes.

This wearable vibrator features 10 distinct vibration patterns, and the whole thing is controlled via remote. Several reviews also mention that this device helped tighten up their pelvic floor muscles, so that’s definitely a plus. And the toy and remote are both waterproof if you’re looking to have some fun in the shower or tub.

Morgan counts this as her preferred type of vibrator. “These are my favorite because there’s a hole in the top where the clitoris is positioned, and that creates suction, so if you’re more of a suction person versus a rumbly or buzzy person when it comes to the sensations, a suction [vibrator] would be the way to go,” she said. This one has 12 intensity levels and can change vibration patterns at random, so you can just really sit back and let this toy give you mind-blowing orgasms.


This is another one of Morgan’s favorites from the Sweet Vibes brand. “It has dual stimulators, one for internal and one for external, and each head has its own motor,” she explained. “I love rabbits, but a lot of times, depending on how your body is shaped, it may not be able to reach the clit as easily. But with the Sweet Vibes toy, not only is it flexible, but the neck part is thin enough to be able to maneuver it to fit where it needs to go.”