The city of St. Louis has taken down caution tape from its public playgrounds in the city. They recommend people stay six feet apart.To get more news about Caution Tape, you can visit official website.

The playgrounds have slowly reopened over the last week. Mayor Lyda Krewson said they have had a hard time enforcing the closure of city playgrounds.
The city is leaving the decision to use the playgrounds up to parents and families and asking folks to socially distance and wash their hands.

Playgrounds in St. Louis County opened last week and others in the region never closed during the pandemic.

The city has placed signs at playground sites calling for visitors to wear face coverings and to stay at least 6 feet apart.“Parents can figure out what’s best for your kid and whether or not you can take the best precautions,” she said.

Raul Cortes, who lives near the playground at Fox Park in south St. Louis, walked with his kids who rode bicycles around the park Monday night. He said he feels safe being outdoors but has concerns about visiting a playground.Sara Sims brought her son to the playground and believes taking some precautions allows her to feel comfortable.

“We carry hand sanitizer with us and then try to wash his hands when we get home,” she said. “He usually does touch a lot of things.”