Is Omega Pro a legit broker or just another scam?

Omega Pro seems to be gaining popularity in Nigeria recently as the broker is holding an event called “The Rise Of Digital Billionaire 2.0” in Port Harcourt this Sunday 24th July 2022.To get more news about OmegaPro review, you can visit official website.

Omega Pro claims to be an online broker offering a wide range of investment products like forex and cryptocurrencies, but how reliable is it? WikiFX has made a comprehensive review on this broker to help you better understand the truth. The following article is going to evaluate this broker from different aspects such as regulatory status, feedback on social media, etc. And you won't want to miss it.  First let‘s check the broker’s regulatory status. Search Omega Pro on WikiFX APP to take a look at the details page. WikiFX is an authoritative global inquiry platform providing basic information inquiry and regulatory license inquiry. WikiFX can evaluate the safety and reliability of more than 36,000 global forex brokers. WikiFX gives you a huge advantage while seeking the best forex brokers.
As you can see, based on information given on WikiFX , Omega Pro currently has no valid regulatory license and the score is rather negative. Plus it does not offer the MT4 or MT5 trading platform to investors.

In addition, WikiFX has found out that the AMF and the ACPR warned the public against Omega Pro Ltd on May 19th
Apart from the official website, the regulators also warned against another website in French .

Omega Pro is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and that‘s a problem. The Caribbean island is known as a non-transparent tax haven, which is indeed overcrowded with scammers and other dodgy businesses. The SVG companies are anonymous and don’t have an obligation to share information about ownership or anything else whatsoever. On top of that, the financial regulation on the island is inferior and the local authority SVGFSA doesn‘t even license or in any way control the forex brokers legally operating there, so it’s risky to deal with those entities.

Omega Pro Feedback on Social Media

The broker has 7,000 followers on Twitter and it keeps updating recently. Maybe it has successfully dealt with the warning issued by the AMF two months ago as it doesn't seem to be losing appeal on social media.
  Some investors made complaints about Omega Pro though, but those are relatively rare compared with the large number of positive opinions made by other investors:

Given its lack of valid regulatory license, its not very wise to invest in Omega Pro, in spite of the fact that it seems to hold wide appeal for investors from some countries. Investors are advised make a sensible choice about whether to choose this broker or not after careful consideration, otherwise you might risk losing money. If you want to know more information about the reliability of certain brokers, you can open our website Or you can download the WikiFX APP to find the most trusted broker for yourself.