ICE-Trade Belt Perforator Machines

The ICE-Trade Belt Punching Machine has one single punching head and is controlled by a PLC. Each required punching pattern can be made. The punching machine features different diameter of punches. The ITBPM is operated by a touch screen.Get more news about Cuber Perforator Machine,you can vist our website!

The ICE-Trade Elevator Belt Drilling Machine is developed to drill the holes in the belts. The ITBDM features PLC control, touch screen operation and multiple drills in 2 rows. The 2 rows are individually operated, so that each hole pattern and configuration for the elevator buckets can be produced.

Both Perforator Machines are fully automatic and supplied with a suction system, preventing the waste flying around. Additionally, programming with Excel is possible for individual patterns.
We recently exhibited at the International Converting Exhibition in Munich. The latest model CPM-200 Cold rotary perforation machine was on show along with a diverse range of pin tooling which has resulted in a number of new orders for the company.

The company’s New HPM-200 hot perforator also provides perfect hole technology using the latest in infra red medium wave design. It can run at speeds in excess of 300m/min at temperatures in excess of 400C.

Pinned tooling is critical to successful perforation. PML supply pinned tooling for any existing perforation machine draft drawn and designed to any specification. Specialist pin tips for accurate penetration and engineered pinned sleeves with up to 1180 pins/cm2. Our range of pinned tooling are used by converters worldwide.