World Championship: 100% Success Rate after 2 Days

After the first two days of the World Cup, we will analyze the predictions provided by NerdyTips for the first matches. Predictii Automate

4 matches were played, and for all these matches, the best tip was predicted correctly. This means that the algorithm correctly predicted 4/4 matches. We will analyze each match, along with the predictions provided:

Qatar vs Ecuador - the most reliable prediction was that a maximum of 2 goals will be scored, and the final result was 0-2 for Ecuador.

England vs Iran - NerdyTips predicted a win for England and the match ended 6-2

Senegal vs Netherlands - the algorithm predicted a win for Netherlands and the final result was 0-2

USA vs Wales - the best tip for this match was 1X, meaning a win for the USA or a draw, and the match ended in a draw, 1-1

Besides the best tip, most of the predictions offered for each match, meaning the final result, number of goals and whether both teams will score or not, were correct.

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