Retro Bowl is the perfect chance for the "armchair quarterback" to finally prove a point. The game has a great retro look, and it's easy to manage your team's roster, including press duties and dealing with fragile egos. On the field, you get to make the calls.


Simple controls make it easy to get started with  Tecmo Super Bowl . As the game goes on, all you have to do is tap on the players who have the ball. Also, when a player passes or throws the ball, a line on the screen shows where the ball is going.


Whether you're in charge of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Dallas Cowboys, the Baltimore Ravens, the Kansas City Chiefs, or the Seattle Seahawks, you'll have to run the locker room. Free online games like Retro Bowl are available. Tap the "Play" button to start games in your browser.


How to play Retro Bowl game 



You can play Retro Bowl unblocked on your PC. Since Retro Bowl was updated in 2021, you can now play it on the web with your phone or tablet.


When you first play the game, go through the Tutorial to learn how it works.


Advice and Hints


You can waste money on quarterbacks with a strong arm and good aim.


Use your coaching points on season 2.


Be extra ready for the playoffs.