4 Popular Types of Paper Grade For Packaging

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Paperboard is one of the most common types of material being used in almost any every industry and can be very versatile as it is available in a variety of paper grades.

When considering your potential packaging options, examining the paper grade options is the best place to start, as each grade has its unique purpose and benefits.

You may already notice that a standard cereal box may be different than your cosmetic product box.

The differences are quite distinctive from the feel to the finish and appearance of both boxes.

For starters, what exactly makes these two boxes so different from each other?Understanding the different types of paper grade helps you develop your packaging more effectively and understand why printing quality differentiates between the substrates.

Cartons made from CCNB/CRB can be used for dry food, pet food, laundry detergent, etc.

The main disadvantage of these boxes is that they will absorb large amounts of water if in contact with wet conditions.

Although it is the most cost-effective out of the bunch, this grade is typically the least favorite due to its high moisture, low weight resistance, and lower printing quality output.

However, it still does the job as a cost-effective option and is commonly used by budget cereal brands.
Folding Box Board (FBB)
Folding box board is a chemically and mechanically manufactured multi-ply pulp material making it strong and durable.

The smooth surface provides optimal opportunities for high quality printing like offset.

Unlike SBS, which is entirely made out of the chemical pulp, folding box board mechanical pulp composition provides a stiffer composition.

They both, however, are produced from virgin fibers and suitable for all types of product packaging.


These boxes are excellent for packaging foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals and is also India’s primary packaging substrate used by businesses.