One of the best email providers in the US, Mediacom offers its consumers an outstanding array of options. Users who have a Mediacom email account will be able to regularly access it on their Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, and Android phone in addition to sending and receiving emails using online browsers. It is imperative to configure Mediacom Email Settings properly in order to use this email through Outlook, on your iPhone, or Android phone. Read the blog article and adhere to the step-by-step instructions to easily set up your account on any of your devices. Take a quick peek now!

How To Setup Mediacom Email For Outlook

You are in the right place if you want to configure your Mediacombb Net Email Settings for Outlook. You can quickly conclude the configuration procedure by following the below-mentioned instructions. Let's start by doing this:

  • You must first open the Outlook application on your Windows desktop.
  • Select the "File" tab.
  • After that, select "Account Settings" from the category information.
  • Open the email tab now and select "New" with a single click.
  • Next, select "Next" after selecting "Server Settings."
  • Put the following information in now:
    • The complete name you
    • Your actual email address with Mediacom
  • Next, select "POP3" from the type account selection by moving there.
  • Enter the information below:
    • Enter "" for Incoming Email and "950" for Incoming Mail Server.
    • Mention "" in the Outgoing Email field, then enter "465" for the Outgoing Mail Server value.
  • Enter your login information accurately, including your username and password, and select "SSL" as the security type.
  • Check the Settings tab.
  • You can quickly begin utilising Mediacom Email on Outlook if everything checks out OK and is in order.
  • Simply click "Finish" when you're done.

Always keep in mind that the Mediacom Email Configuration configuration procedure may differ slightly for all other versions of Outlook.

Procedures For Setting Up Mediacom Email On An iPhone

You must first properly establish Mediacom Email Settings on your iPhone if you use an iPhone and want to use a Mediacom email account on it. Let's have a look at the steps listed below for setting up this email on an iPhone:

  • Activate your Apple smartphone.
  • from the home screen, select Settings
  • Go to the Mail and Contacts menus.
  • Click on the "Add Account" option after choosing it.
  • Then, fill out the following details in the "Add mail account" field:- Complete Name Correct Mediacom Correct email address for such an account
  • Now, check to see that you have accurately supplied the appropriate account description.
  • Give the following information to the incoming mail server now:
    • In the Hostname column, enter ""
    • Fill out the Username form with your actual email address.
    • Likewise, enter the right password in the Password area.
  • Give the following information for the Outgoing Mail Server now:- 
  • In the Hostname column, enter ""
  • Your Mediacom email address must be entered in the space provided.
  • For the same, enter your login password.
  • To save the changes, select "Save."
  • Go to the following page to select your email address.
  • Select "" under the main server option to send outgoing mail using SMTP. Make sure to provide 465 for the server port number and SSL: SSL.
  • Make sure SSL: SSL and are previously set in the corresponding fields on the "Advance Settings" tab.
  • Restart your iPhone by returning to the home screen.

You can now use your Mediacom email account on your iPhone without restriction. All you have to do is launch the Mediacom email app on your iPhone and input your username and password to log in. You can now access your account to send and receive emails and complete other office tasks.

How to Setup Mediacom Email on Android

You've found the ideal post if you're an Android user looking for Mediacom Email Settings Setup For Android. The step-by-step instructions are described below. Let's thus follow the directions as they are given:

  • You must launch the Mail app on your Android phone as the first step.
  • then visit the Settings section.
  • then choose "Add A New Email" from the menu.
  • Pick POP3 from the provided list.
  • Enter your sign-in information in the provided space.
    • What is your email?
    • your user name
  • After that, select "Manual Setup."
  • After carefully reading the above-mentioned instructions, you only need to follow the steps below for Mediacom Email Server Settings for Android.
  • Enter the following data when the "Incoming Setting Screen" appears on the screen.
    • Your username is your email address.
    • your user name
  • The next step is to enter the "Incoming Mail Server" information.
  • IMAP server: Enter ""
  • Select SSL as the Security Type.
  • Select 995 as the Port Value
  • Next, click to advance to the following page.
  • Enter the following information for the outgoing server:-
    • For the SMTP server, enter "".
    • The recommended Port Value is 465.
    • Security should be of the type SSL.
    • the appropriate login and password in the corresponding fields.
  • After that, click "Next."
  • Enter your selections in the Account Options panel and then click "Next."
  • Name your account on the following screen.
  • After providing your name, click the "Done" button.
  • Your setup is complete.

Congratulations! You've successfully set up your Mediacom Email account on your Android device and are now ready to send and receive emails.


Hopefully! You may set up Mediacom Email Settings on Outlook, iPhone, or Android with the help of the written information above. We are confident that following the instructions will result in no technical difficulties. But if you're still having trouble setting up your Mediacom email account settings for either of these gadgets (MS Outlook, iPhone, or Android), don't worry! The email support team is here to help you. You are only advised to call the 24-hour hotline number. One of our knowledgeable and skilled techies will provide you a loan right away.

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