If you want to fill your library with the most interesting books of all time, then you are at the right spot.


Books are always eminent. From fictional plots to non-fictional, there are countless genres that enlighten readers. No matter what your field of interest is, a good book has the essence of providing something more than just recreation and has the charm to grasp attention. So whether you are a beginner reader or someone who loves to read a lot, the below list will assist you in encountering the best books to read this year.


The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue


This great fictional book is about a woman named Addie who makes a bargain with a dark and unfavorable god in 1714. And as a result of her wish, she has been cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets. The story spans around three centuries with many exciting twists and turns until she finally meets someone who can remember her despite the curse.


It Is Now My Turn


This book is unlike any other that I have read throughout my life. “It Is Now My Turn” is about a character named “Gilda,” a divorced woman who lives a normal life much like others on this planet, but how she accepts her truth and tries hard to change her living standard is something to look forward to. The story unfolds many colors and mentions real-life events despite being fiction. The author Michael Pfeffer compiles each aspect of his humor and experiences superbly, showcasing how a book should reflect and educate readers while entertaining them to the core.


Look at this review by one of the customers on Amazon that had my attention to try out this amazing masterpiece.


“I really enjoyed this book, an interesting story about a group of regular working people impacted by the various economic and social changes in the 1980s. Although the ensemble goes through real challenges, the story strikes a great balance with many funny, uplifting, and highly ironic moments”.


The Alchemist


Many have heard of and explored the great pyramid of Giza. But only some of the novels give an unparalleled insight into the man-made wonders. It revolves around a boy named Santiago, who embarks on a journey to explore the mystical treasure in the pyramids after having a repetitive dream about it. The story will feature many other interesting life aspects and helps find ways to have hope and acceptance and never to lose it again.


Normal People


This novel follows the complex relationship of two young minds throughout their school and college life. While they do not resemble each other in any way, it is interesting to read how their chemistry unfolds. Just like the interesting plot of It Is Now My Turn, the story has many unique and realistic events that shape their lives. The author sets the story during the Irish economic downfall, and many of their life encounters relate to the unpleasant times during an economic shake.