Ceramic Casserole With Lid is made of high-quality heat-resistant clay, which is fired at high temperature. It has a thick texture and does not crack when dry. The bottom of the casserole is designed in a ring shape, which is convenient for even heating. The three-hole vent design prevents the ceramic lid from jumping.

We offer ceramic casseroles in a variety of capacities, and they come in two different styles, one with a long handle and one with two short handles.

The ceramic casserole with lid has fast heat transfer, slow heat dissipation, and strong heat preservation ability. Generally, the food in the casserole can remain close to boiling after 5 to 10 minutes of turning off the heat.

The ceramic casserole set can transfer external heat energy to the internal raw materials in a balanced and lasting manner. The relatively balanced ambient temperature is conducive to the mutual penetration of water molecules and food, and can maximize the release of food taste.

Wholesale Ceramic Casserole With Lid

TYZ Ceramic is a company specializing in the production of ceramic products. We offer Ceramic Casserole Dish, Ceramic Clay Pots For Cooking, Ceramic Pots And Pans, Ceramic Stew Pot.

Our ceramic casserole is fired at over 1000 degrees Celsius. The ceramic pot goes from casting to firing, and finally to the finished product. The process is combined with multiple firings and processes. It can exchange cold and heat at 650 degrees and minus 20 degrees without cracking.

The body and bottom of the ceramic cooking pot are very thick and delicate to the touch. When beating, the sound is transparent and not dull, and the texture is very good. The ceramic casserole with lid has a dense texture and smooth glaze, making it easy to clean.

There are many ways to cook food in a ceramic casserole, it can be stewed, boiled, or steamed. The longer the stewing time is maintained, the more fragrant ingredients overflow, and the more fresh and mellow the soup tastes.