PEERCHEER offers BQ NQ HQ PQ rod shoe for use with BQ NQ HQ PQ rod. BQ NQ HQ PQ rod shoes can match up to the toughest formations. With the use of very resilient matrix to optimize diamond retention, they will hold up in very abrasive, unfriendly formations.The BQ NQ HQ PQ rod shoes are threaded to the end of the BQ NQ HQ PQ rods for penetration through overburden. It assists in seating the casing tube into the bedrock, providing a tight seal for the drilling fluids to return to the surface. BQ NQ HQ PQ rod shoes can be used to ream the casing downward when advancing a casing tube in an existing hole with the rod string still in place.Q series rod shoes are available for application in standard DCDMA B N H P size.Get more news about Bq Rod Shoe,you can vist our website!

Our impregnated diamond core bits are the most commonly useful bits in the mineral exploration industry, as they have the widest range of application. The carefully selected grades of high quality synthetic diamond are distributed in the depth of impregnated bit's matrix series.

BQ NQ HQ PQ rod shoe configuration:

Bq Nq Hq Pq Wireline Rod Shoe Bit Core Drill Bits Diamond Drilling Tools 0

(1) A-BQ NQ HQ PQ rod shoe overview

(2) B-BQ NQ HQ PQ rod shoe usage illustration

The BQ NQ HQ PQ rod shoes inside diameter is flush or has clearance to the inside diameter (ID) of the casing which allows free passage of the AQ BQ NQ HQ core barrel through the rod shoe. Rod shoes are available in standard and oversize diameters.