"No.." No Song Ning froze for a moment and shook his head. He knew from the information that his old father was open-minded, but he didn't expect to be so open-minded. He was sure that it must have been very easy for Anhe to come out of the closet! "Hey, didn't you say you were going to have a man's conversation? Tell me the truth and don't hide it from me." Anrui was afraid of Song Ning's misunderstanding and explained it. It's not. Song Ning shook his head firmly. So many people on the Internet have misunderstood the relationship between him and Li Chengyi, if even the old father misunderstood, he felt that he could directly pull Li Chengyi to get the license. Hey. Anrui's shining eyes because of gossip were slightly dimmed by Song Ning's denial again. He could only sigh and said, "Since you don't want to say, I won't force you.". I'm here to inform you that Ye Man and Li Kun will get married the day after tomorrow. Since you want to mix in this circle, you can go with me. The wedding is very big. They have a wide range of contacts and invite many people in the circle. "All right." Song Ning, in order to prevent Anrui from getting into a dead end with Li Chengyi, nodded directly to express his willingness to go. I have something to do, so I'll go first. Seeing that he couldn't hear any gossip, Anrui could only leave resentfully. When he got to the door, he suddenly turned around and said, "When you become a public figure, there are tens of millions of eyes staring at you. I know you like to go to bars, so you'd better go less in the future, so as not to become an excuse for others to pour dirty water on you." "I know." Song Ning nodded cleverly. Since he came to this world,potassium sulphate fertilizer, he has never been to a bar, and even the group of fair-weather friends have not been contacted again. As soon as Anrui was ready to turn around and walk away, he took a deep look at Song Ning and said, "If you have someone you like, you should go after her boldly. When I was chasing your mother, I chased her when I liked her. I persevered in chasing her." Then he finally got on the bus and left. Song Ning looked at the headlights of Anrui and always felt that his old father did not believe that he had nothing to do with Li Chengyi. At this time,Magnesium Sulphate price, Li Chengyi, who was far away in another city, opened his mouth lightly while dealing with his affairs: "I remember that I have to go to the upper city on my recent trip." One side of Xiao Chen was stunned for a moment, and soon reacted. Uptown is the city where the relatives are now located. Li Chengyi is going to let himself find an excuse for him. I don't know what they talked about before, but Lao Li was so attentive? Xiao Chen hurriedly turned over Li Chengyi's itinerary, as well as those rejected itineraries, and finally found him a reasonable excuse. Li Kun is getting married. The wedding will be held in the upper city, the day after tomorrow. To tell the truth, the invitation was sent a month ago, but Li Chengyi refused without hesitation. You arrange it. "All right." Ye Man and Li Kun are obvious in the entertainment circle. The wedding directly contracted the largest hotel in the city. On the wedding night, because of the large number of celebrities, there was a circle of reporters outside the venue. Song Ning and his old father took a bus to the door of the hotel. When Anrui opened the door and got out of the car, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, the reporters waiting at the door saw that they were not people with topics, and they showed disappointed expressions one after another, but the next second there was a commotion among the group of people. Song Ning originally thought that although he rubbed Li Chengyi a little red, but the reporter certainly would not recognize him because he sent a photo. When he saw the reporter who suddenly became enthusiastic, he felt that he was wrong. This young master's beauty, how can people not remember? Although the hotel has arranged security guards at the entrance, it is also a bit unable to withstand the enthusiasm of journalists. As soon as Song Ning went up the steps, someone blocked the microphone in front of him. What kind of person is Li Chengyi in your eyes? Song Ning had already passed the stage when the reporter asked what he would answer cleverly. Without saying a word, he went to the hotel coolly. However, this group of people did not seem to intend to let him go, scrambling to push in front of him, almost completely blocking his way, while the old father was ignored by them and easily entered the hotel door, looking at him inside the door. The old father looked like his own. Song Ning looked at Anrui standing in the hotel, although resentful, but there is no way. I don't know whether the reporter is working too hard or the security guard is too weak, but suddenly the defense line around Song Ning is broken. Song Ning looked at the recording equipment that was about to hit his face, thinking that it must have hit all kinds of people, instinctively retreated, and this retreat directly stepped on the air. If I can choose, I really don't want to be famous! Song Ning fell back and thought of this sentence in his head. No, why are there so many people in the front and no one behind? Not even a cushion? Where's the security guard? When Song Ning's head was full of questions, he finally had a hand behind his waist, which saved him from the next awkward scene. At the same time, the flashlights around him suddenly flashed as if they didn't want to miss anything. Song Ning felt that his eyes were blind. Soon, the security guard who had just disappeared suddenly rushed up and opened a road ahead. Song Ning hurriedly lifted his feet and walked into the hotel, fearing to be besieged again. Don't you even say thank you? Song Ning entered the door of the hotel and was directly looking for the location of his old father when a familiar voice sounded behind him. He thought it was a hallucination, but he turned his head and looked. See, should be in the north of Li Chengyi a simple white shirt and black suit, standing not far behind him, is looking at him, a face of dissatisfaction. Chapter 15 the villain is as rich as a country. The moment Song Ning saw Li Chengyi, he thought he had seen Bai Hua. The other party stood frowning like Bai Hua, as if the other party was going to complain in the next second: Master, how can you ignore me? Don't you like me. But this feeling is also a moment, Song Ning quickly recovered from this illusion, very naturally said hello to Li Chengyi: "You also come to the wedding?" But after he asked the question, he felt that his question was a bit of an idiot. The wedding is a package of the entire hotel,Magnesium Sulphate producer, Li Chengyi did not come to attend the wedding or to stay? "You helped me just now!" At the same time, Song Ning also immediately understood what was going on and suddenly realized the truth. He always thought it was the security guard who had just helped him in the back, and he didn't pay attention to the situation behind him because of the chaotic scene. stargrace-magnesite.com