Halloween brings out the creative fashion designer in all of us. And when it comes to Halloween college parties, few things top the list over it for joyous celebrations with a creative twist.  


Halloween allows us to dress up in hot and sexy avatars and be an inspiration for the ages. So if your college Halloween party is around the corner, it's time to spruce up in innovative colors and turn eyeballs at the party. You can complete the haunting with additional accessories and props and go Gaga with these hottest College Halloween costume ideas.  


  • Mermaid

Just a bedazzled bra and shiny skirt can do the trick here.  


  • Nurse

You can easily save lives this Halloween with a sexy nurse outfit.  


  • Police Officer

Police Officer is a classic Halloween costume idea and always fun to wear.  


  • Powerpuff Girls

The best hot Halloween costume inspiration for a trio of girls.  


  • Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is quite popular as a Halloween costume idea. Shop all the Harley Quinn costumes at Amazon.


  • Prisoner

Bring out the badass in you and dress like a prisoner this Halloween.


  • Firefighter

Go ablaze with a firefighter costume this Halloween, which is also a great idea for couples to turn up to the party.  


  • Nun

Nun is a super spooky yet fun costume inspiration for a college Halloween party.  


  • Barbie

Just a cute bodysuit, glasses, and a scrunchie can complete your Barbie look for a Halloween party.  


  • Clown

Perhaps the most fun idea on this list, the clown costume is easy and fun to pull off.